10 ’90s Stars Who Aren’t As Well-known As They Used To Be

The 90s was only three decades ago, but a lot can happen during that time as many stars found out from that time. Being a celebrity seems like such an enviable lifestyle, but it’s never safe when it comes to Hollywood’s fame or fortune.

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Sometimes it comes down to rejecting a potentially career-defining part or misbehaving on the set, which leads to them getting fired. An acting career can take a sudden downturn and never recover if you bring along the finances of a former actor. Legal issues can charge bank accounts.

Other times, career success isn’t the problem – bad financial decisions can happen to anyone, as these 90s celebs discovered.

10 Gary Busey drowned in debt


Gary Busey’s career got off to a very promising start with an Oscar nomination for his title role in The Buddy Holly Story and had grown to a solid lead in a number of high-profile hit films by the 1990s, including Predator 2, Point Break, Under Siege and The Firm Under other. But in 1988 his motorcycle accident and the resulting head injury would create the scenario for decades of debt that culminated in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unpredictable behavior has since limited his career choices.

9 Charlie Sheen overestimated its worth

Charlie Sheen’s career was in full swing in the 80s and 90s in hits like Platoon, the Major League and Hot Shots! Movies and much more. He would make the jump to television and hit the biggest jackpot ever for the highest paid television actor during his run in Two and a Half Men from 2003 to 2011. His career and life took a downturn after his erratic behavior dumped him from the show. He has $ 12 million in debt, including $ 5 million to the IRS, and $ 300,000 on a single credit card.

8th Stephen Baldwin’s spending on Outran’s income

Stephen Baldwin

Stephen Baldwin made regular appearances in action films such as The Usual Suspects in the 1990s. However, by the late 90s, it was due to television movies and questionable roles like Barney Rubble in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. As with other high profile stars who have made financial mistakes, his tastes have persisted and he has amassed more than $ 70,000 in credit card debt. Court records in 2017 also showed he hadn’t made a mortgage payment in six years and owed more than $ 1 million in taxes.

7th R&B Queen Toni Braxton was addicted to shopping


Toni Braxton caused a sensation in the R&B charts in the 90s with hits like Unbreak My Heart and Breathe Again. Toni seemed to blame her music company for her growing financial troubles which resulted in her going out in 1998 and filing for bankruptcy.

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In 2010 she filed for bankruptcy again and claimed debts of $ 50 million. Listed expenses included spending more than $ 2.5 million on clothing and makeup over a two-year period, as well as massive credit card debt to stores like Tiffany and Neiman Marcus.

6th Aaron Carter’s early success resulted in decades of debt

Aaron Carter got a new face tattoo for psychological reasons.

Aaron Carter made a name for himself in pop music in 1997, the year he released his debut solo album, which opened for Brother Nick’s Backstreet Boys. He had a number of hits for a couple of years but his young audience didn’t grow up with him and he fell off the charts. He filed for bankruptcy in 2013 and only had a few hundred dollars in a bank account. In 2019, he set up a GoFundMe account on which various family conspiracies and Scientology stalkers were alleged.

5 Screeching “Saved by the Bell” implodes


Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on Saved by the Bell, was a hero to many high school kids in the early ’90s. When the show ended in 1993, he played roles in the show’s short-lived sequels and little else. In 2006, he sold T-shirts to avoid foreclosure in his home and went to jail in 2016 for parole violations in a case in which he stabbed a man in 2014. The rest of Saved’s original cast are rebooting again on TV with Dustin the only one holding out.

4th Brendan Fraser’s child support hurts


Brendan Fraser’s career was on the rise in the ’90s, becoming his most memorable role as Rick in The Mummy from the 1999s. The sequels weren’t nearly as good, however, and its star was on the downturn – as was his marriage.

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In 2013, he went to court to reduce his monthly alimony by $ 900,000, but his ex-wife denied his claim. His career is going much better, with a role on Doom Patrol, but it is said that his child support payments are still in the six figures.

3 Wesley Snipes’ tax problems


Wesley Snipes’ career that peaked in the 1990s with hits like New Jack City, Demolition Man and the first part of the Blade trilogy in 1998. But then rumors about Divas’ behavior on set began to drag his career down, just as his tax troubles began. He was first charged with tax fraud in 2006 and served three years in prison for tax fraud in 2010. In 2018, the IRS stated that he still owed $ 9.5 million. Unlike Nicolas Cage, he could not resume his career.

2 Lindsay Lohan made some bad decisions

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan made her name on the Another World soap as a kid, but it was The Parent Trap in 1998 that turned her into an award-winning young star. The upswing would continue until it peaked at Mean Girls in 2004. Thereafter, at the tender age of 17, her career began a decline that resulted in a string of DUI arrests and brief but unsuccessful acting appearances. She declared bankruptcy in 2012 and reportedly still owed more than $ 100,000 in unpaid taxes.

1 Pamela Anderson’s ex-courts on her finances

Pamela Anderson on the set of Baywatch

Baywatch was a hugely successful show throughout the decade, turning Pamela Anderson, who previously starred on Home Improvement, into a pop culture icon. From there, she had her own series VIP until 2002. Since then, she has appeared on various reality television shows, got married a few times, and had numerous problems with the IRS. While she has denied being broke, ex-husband Jon Peters claimed she was over $ 200,000 in debt during their brief (12-day) marriage in January 2020.

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