10 Occasions 90 Day Fiancé Tackled Deep Points

The 90-day fiancé is very familiar with the drama and chaos that happens between couples. However, every now and then there are bigger issues that go beyond the relationship and are even so large that the production team has to step in or couples have to quit to deal with their problems.

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While this show goes into their personal life, there are sometimes big events that need to be handled privately and the fans remain filled with amazement and apprehension. While most dramas can be handled carefree, in the real world it isn’t always that way, and couples are faced with real-world problems.

10 Angela has children

Angela Deem: TLC: 90 Days Fiancé

Talk about children is common among couples, but it was a big topic for Angela and Michael. Angela was told by her doctor that her ovaries were shrinking, which meant she was going through menopause and unable to have a baby.

Having a child of his own was important to Michael and his culture, which caused a lot of trouble for the couple. Angela asked her daughter if she could carry her baby, but she refused. This was an emotional time for the couple that went beyond their basic relationship and petty arguments.

9 The conversation about child support

The couple Eric and Leida from season 4 dealt with the subject of child support. When Leida moved in with Eric, she didn’t like his daughter and eventually threw her out. She tried to convince Eric to stop paying child support, mainly because Leida could have more money for her and Eric, but she also mentioned what it was like for her own son.

However, the fans were not impressed by their spoiled behavior. Everyone was surprised when Ledia brought up the cessation of child support, and it was a subject that carried a lot of weight.

8th Criminal record

Geoffrey Paschel 90 days fiancé

Unfortunately for Geoffrey Pascal and Jorge Nava, their criminal records are forever on their backs, and neither of them was honest from the start. Geoffrey had previously been in jail for a number of things but withheld the truth for a long time. Jorge also spoke to Anfisa about his time in jail for marijuana possession.

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These two major problems caused suspicion and drama in their relationships, and nothing the production team could do but watch it all play out.

7th Avoidance of family responsibilities

Molly Luis Fiancé in 90 Days

Luis and Molly fell in love instantly, but things turned for the worst when Luis met Molly’s two daughters. Luis showed little interest in becoming a father figure, instead making sexual jokes around her and showing little interest in building a real relationship.

That made the daughters around him uncomfortable. Fans weren’t sure how Luis would fit into the family if he wasn’t even interested. The couple married but soon divorced.

6th Gambling addiction

Ronald Smith: TLC: 90 days fiancé

The Ronald and Tiffany couple faced a rather complex problem. It turned out that Ronald had a gambling addiction and he was heavily in debt.

These lies and fights made Tiffany insecure about the relationship, but she held onto hope thinking he was fighting his addiction and they could move on. However, this was not the case, and Tiffany left Ronald.

5 They already have children

Robert and Anny fiancé for over 90 days

Robert and Anny had a baby together, but the journey was not easy. Anny previously found out that Robert had 5 children with 4 different women. This came as a complete shock to the fans and aroused suspicion.

Anny seemed to be coping well with the situation, however. It is not uncommon for people to have children from previous relationships, although the problem can be complex for everyone involved, from the couple to the children themselves.

4th Problems getting a K1 visa

Andrew Kenton Amira Lollysa Serbia USA Visa in 90 Days Fiance

The show’s premise is to get the K1 visa, but it’s harder than people think and the show faces that problem right off the bat. Money is a big issue. The visa is not cheap and some couples just cannot afford it.

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Another problem is how long it takes to get it. There are many steps and rules to getting a visa and it takes a long time for some couples. Much of these visa battles are handled behind the scenes, but the audience sees how complicated the bureaucracy is.

3 Lying about marriage

Sumit Fiancé in 90 Days

Couple Sumit and Jenny seemed to be fine together until Sumit dropped the bombshell that he was just married. This surprised many people and their situation became more serious than ever.

Even so, Jenny stayed with him and they stayed together while he got divorced. However, fans could hardly believe that Sumit would actually pull through his breakup. Much trust has also been broken within the couple.

2 Ed’s verbal abuse

big ed 90 days fiance

It seems like Big Ed’s true form is emerging and fans are unhappy with his actions. The audience saw a leaked phone call in which Ed was speaking to his ex-girlfriend Liz, where Ed told her she was stupid and she called the F-word. The fans weren’t happy with Ed’s jealousy and general behavior towards Liz.

There were also moments with Rose from season 5 that left viewers with a sour taste about Ed. While he still has a huge following, there are bigger problems and people think Ed doesn’t deserve his fame.

1 Financial struggles

Paul and Karine 90 days fiancé

It’s no surprise that some couples face financial problems, but for some couples it almost cost them their relationship. There are plenty of performers starting platforms asking for money to help with their travels or to stay afloat overall. Paul and Karine, for example, struggled with money from the start and even with their baby on the go.

They struggled to afford a cot and other necessities, and even lived in a motor home at some point. These financial struggles were real problems for a handful of couples, and often prevented them from visiting each other.

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