14 Issues Each Single Mother Needs For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just a day to celebrate a couple’s love. It’s a day to celebrate love all around. So, if you’re single or know a mom who’s going alone this year, spread the love with a few things that she might really want.

14 things every single mother wants for Valentine’s Day

1. A word of encouragement

Anyone could use a little encouragement, especially on a day when you’re feeling lonelier and less valued. Show some love with a card or note that simply says what a great friend and mom she is. Leave it on your door to find it or post it for a welcome surprise.

2. Flowers don’t have to come from lovers

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh rose or carnation? Hit the florist for an arrangement that can be mailed right to their work, or try dropping off some loose flowers for a group of your favorite pals.

3. A trip to a day spa with a friend.

Being a single mom is hard work and should be rewarded with some relaxation from time to time. A day at the spa is just a treat to lift the mood and make her feel like she is doing her best. She doesn’t have to do it alone. Schedule consecutive appointments for a massage or see if you can get an appointment for a manicure / pedicure at the same time.

4. A gift card.

Which single mom wouldn’t enjoy a gift card for her favorite shop or business? Give her the opportunity to do something she can’t do often … go shopping and buy a piece of jewelry!

5. A night with the girls.

Sometimes a night out with the girls is enough to remind yourself why being single is so great. Organize some time with the girls to have a drink, see a movie, hang out at home, or just do some shopping – without the kids.

6. Chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate.

There are few who wouldn’t enjoy a 10-pound bar of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Grab a bar or two – maybe not a 10 pounder – and hand them out sweet sentences attached. Your individual friends will be grateful.

7. No pity!

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a single mom is to leave no remark of pity. A lot of women out there choose and love the single life. As a friend, encourage them to be a remarkable person.

8. Photos of their true love.

Every mother loves a picture or two or a hundred of her adorable children and friends. Have them printed, wrap in a card, or choose a cute frame to show off funny faces. Better still, when you have the time to devote yourself to something special, create a photo album of all the people they love best with special notes from everyone.

9. A day off from children.

Handmade gift certificates for a day or evening without children can work wonders for a single mother. Give her a list of the dates on which to redeem her voucher, plan some activities for the kids, and let the fun-filled evening begin.

10. Made something with love.

Anything homemade or handmade is sure to be a hit with the girl who knows exactly how important time is. Think soaps, body scrubs, candy, etc. If you’re interested in jewelry or have special knitting skills, use your skills to make something beautiful. She will appreciate the time and effort you put into thinking about her.

11. A special activity with your children.

Single mothers may only want a day to hang out with their youngest loved ones, so a family-friendly date might just be the thing. Consider giving a gift card to a local bowling alley or interactive museum.

12. Tickets for a show.

A couple of tickets to a comedy night, local play, or a great band are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. Plan ahead so she doesn’t do it alone. Either schedule time with her and yourself or get an extra ticket for a close friend of hers.

13. A maid for a day!

If she’s not Wonder Woman, she could probably use extra hands around the house. Things like laundry, dishes, and cleaning chores pile up unless you have a dump truck locked up to dispose of them. A thoughtful gesture would be to give her the gift of a cleaning service that she can use to thoroughly scrub her house.

14. Something to get into.

If you don’t notice any of the other ideas, she’s sure to be ready for a copy of her favorite artist or chick flick. Add some popcorn and candy for a cute gift.

Being a single mom doesn’t mean she should be excluded from Valentine’s Day. Use any of the items on this list to make her feel included, special, and as inspiration for the love that will be evoked by this particular holiday.

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