251 Texas kids died from baby abuse throughout 2020

More than 250 children will never see a degree. You will never get married. You will never have children of your own.

AUSTIN, Texas – Don’t be fooled by its name.

“High maintenance – ‘H’ for short,” said H., a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA).

All members asked to be called on their behalf at BACA of Texas for their report.

H. was named by her peers, part of an inside joke. Your story is not that light-hearted.

“Sexual abuse started when I was four years old until I was eight. When I screamed my mother, she didn’t believe me. I became more of a pass-around child – went from this relative to this relative, “said H ..

Alcohol and drugs fueled the abuse.

“I had knocked out teeth and broken cheekbones,” said H ..

The Texas Department of Family and Protection Services recently released a 2020 report showing that 251 children were killed through abuse and neglect.

“Monsters don’t always look scary. The monsters that hurt these children often look very good and are very clean, ”said H.

H. and her friends help here.

“We’re the big, scary looking people,” said H.

You are part of the BACA of Texas. BACA is an international organization.

“We exist as a group of bikers to give children the opportunity not to be afraid of the world in which they live”, shows the mission statement.

“You have us in your back pocket,” said H ..

“When I saw how ugly child abuse is, it really opened my eyes,” said BACA member “Daddy Long Legs”.

The group works with prosecutors.

“This child goes into the courtroom without any support from the family. The perpetrator has all his support in this courtroom, ”said BACA member“ Key ”.

Key is the President of BACA of Texas. They give support and are there as allies.

“Be very stoic – you sure don’t want the kid to piss you off at some of the things they say because they put them to shame and they have no reason to be ashamed,” said Daddy Long Legs.

Daddy Long Legs is responsible for chapter development for nonprofits in Texas.

Data from DFPS shows injury investigations in March 2021 for 36,683 children. Of these, 63 children can be trafficked either sexually or under labor law.

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“It’s everywhere,” said Andrew Wolf, assistant district attorney for Ellis County.

No county is immune. Data for Travis County shows 1,178 children were involved in DFPS studies as of March.

“It’s exhausting, but there is such a confirmation, whether I’m winning or losing, that the child is safe because someone believed them,” said Wolf.

“So our job is to intervene and let them know that they are safe,” said BACA member “Kid”.

BACA members from across the state will head to Austin on April 24th. They put 251 teddy bears in front of the Child Protection Center – one for every child abuse death in the past year.

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