4 kids on autism spectrum welcome ‘massive sister’ after Gold Coast match-up app’s success

Six years ago, Gold Coast mom Sarah Collins and her husband were exhausted, struggling to cope with daily chores, and feeling like they were constantly after their tails.

Important points:

  • The Kynd app helps families of NDIS participants find much-needed support in minutes
  • Gold Coast mom Sarah Collins says two new caregivers found on Kynd have been a lifeline for her family’s four children on the autism spectrum
  • According to the developer, the app is suitable for people with common interests

With four children on the autism spectrum, Ms. Collins admits it was quite “juggling” attending to each child’s individual needs while navigating school before and after medical appointments and therapies.

The full-time working parents sought help from a national emergency service, which was only able to look after a child on a weekend every four months.

“They were able to arrange for two helpers to come to our house and look after our children for a few hours so my husband and I could go out, have lunch, and just sit and talk,” said Ms. Collins.

“Having those few hours was just fantastic, but it wasn’t meant to be an ongoing thing to help out on a constant basis. It was just a one-time thing.”

“We’d never met her before either, so it was kind of weird leaving your kids with people you’ve never met.”

Scroll for assistance

The lack of extra hands meant Ms. Collins could only work while she was still in school, but that changed after speaking to a friend who worked in the disability sector.

Isabella supports Kailey Collins during her clarinet practice. (

Delivered: Kynd


“You mentioned [that] She was working on the Kynd app so I went to [the] app I added in our area and made a big list, “said Ms. Collins.

Developed by Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, the app enables NDIS participants and their families to scroll through caregiver profiles and connect with people based on shared interests and desired skills.

“Like a big sister”

The family now has two permanent caregivers, and it is thanks to Mrs. Collins that she returned to work outside of school and helped her with daily chores.

“I made a schedule for the kids to know, ‘Today we have Isabella and tomorrow Ariana,’ so that the unknown is eliminated and your days go more smoothly because there are no unknowns,” said Collins.

A woman in a blue-green top, a younger woman in a cream-colored sleeveless top, and a child in a dark blue patterned shirt are sitting on a park bench Sarah Collins (left) says her children’s carer, Isabella (center), is like a big sister. (

Delivered: Kynd


“Going to the store would be a challenge. Isabella helps a lot in the mornings with getting the kids to school and therapy before school.

“It was fantastic to have this support. Isabella is like a big sister to my children. “

Ms. Collins said the app gives her “more control” over the people who come into the house to provide assistance.

“Sometimes it takes me a while to read up on people, but I would prefer people find out that someone is not interested in working with children before I have invested time contacting them and them to come to us, ”said Ms. Collins.

Young woman bends over and plays basketball with a young girl in overalls and three other children at sunsetSarah Collins’ children now know Isabella, which makes everyday life easier. (

Delivered: Kynd


The Kynd phone app is the brainchild of Burleigh-based Michael Metcalfe, who was inspired to create the software after his father became his mother’s full-time caregiver following a medical emergency.

“That just opened my eyes to the problems in the handicapped and care sector [where] Flexibility and personal support just weren’t a thing, “said Metcalfe.

“This traditional way of finding support was very complex, lacking information and giving people little choice.”

“Real-Life Approach”

Metcalfe co-designed the app with NDIS attendees and support staff, saying that more than 1,000 Gold Coast locals are now using the app and the care community is growing.

Mr. Metcalfe said smart technologies found the right people based on profiles that are matched and now his company is rolling out its service in the Queensland area.

A dark-haired man in a black and yellow shirt stands by a rustic wooden house wall and smilesKynd founder Michael Metcalfe says the app gives families more control over their care. (

Delivered: Kynd


“App users can view profiles and see another support person’s verification, learn more about hobbies and interests, understand their personalities, qualifications, areas of experience and types of services they want to support you with,” said Metcalfefe.

“It helps that person get to know a potential support rep before they ever have to interact with them, and it’s certainly much better than having a stranger show up on your doorstep.

“It has led to a more real approach to what people are looking for and what they value.”

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