4-year-old Nahla Miller’s father was attempting to get custody earlier than she died


4 year old Nahla Miller (Photo: Provided)

Nahla Miller’s father tried to get custody of her before the 4-year-old died from the injuries she suffered after she was allegedly beaten by her mother.

Nathaniel Miller, Nahla’s father, filed for custody in January and said Nahla’s mother, Tianna Robinson, cut off all contact with him.

In court documents, Miller said, “Tianna Robinson stopped letting me see my daughter after being there all her life. I even got half a week every week. She stopped talking to me and won’t text me. ” my numbers back. “

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According to records, Robinson declined all calls from Miller as of July 2020.

A custody date was set for April 30th, but Nahla was attacked days earlier on April 14th. She spent nine days on life support before dying from injuries.

Hamilton County Attorney Joe Deters said Nahla had the following injuries: a broken left arm, bruises on the lower lungs, adrenal glands, diaphragm, liver, stomach, colon, pancreas, and mouth. Bleeding in the muscles in the neck, bleeding in the back of the head, a noticeable burning sensation on the back of the right hand.

Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services attempted wellness checks on Nahla in the weeks leading up to her death, but were prevented from entering the residence, Deters said.

Nahla lived with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, Rensley Washington, 25, along with other family members, including Washington’s son.

Both children were neglected or ill-treated by Hamilton County Jobs and Family Services, according to court records. Washington’s son was also removed from the house after Nahla was beaten.

Washington was accused, according to court documents, of endangering children and obstructing official business.

Robinson told the Springfield Police Department that she would leave Nahla in the basement for long periods of time without food or water and that she would beat her until the child passed out.

Robinson said she abused Nahla because of frustrations with potty training, according to police.

After the attack, the Hamilton County Juvenile Court granted Miller temporary custody of Nahla before she died on April 21.

Robinson is now charged with a number of serious homicide cases with a death penalty, two numbers of homicides, a number of criminal offenses, and a number of children at risk.

Robinson is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on a $ 1 million bond. Washington is also being held for a $ 40,000 bond.

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