5 Methods to Energetically Navigate Divorce

Divorce is a scenario that nobody expects to see. The reality is that life takes turns that can surprise us and sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we would not choose for ourselves. While we may not choose the situation, we can certainly choose how to present ourselves.

If you don’t make a conscious choice to move through the divorce in a way that will move you forward, you run the risk of holding onto yourself and not being able to move through the divorce in a healthy way.

The good news is that there is a better way to control divorce. A way that will make you feel empowered, free, peaceful, balanced, whole and excited about the future.

What’s the secret? Energy.

Everything in our world is energy. When we see the world through this lens, the choices we make every day change and we experience more joy and ease in our lives.

Here are 5 Powerful Ways You Can Use Energy In Control Your Divorce

Choose growth:

The choice to grow is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself. Growth is a choice and a lifestyle. It doesn’t happen by accident; You have to choose it and commit to it every day. Ask yourself questions like: What can I learn from this? How can this fuel my transformation? How does this serve me? Does that match who I am? Is that moving me forward?

Flow with the direction of life:

We find peace in our lives when we flow with the direction in which life is leading us. Accept where you are. It might not be where you thought it was, but it is where you should be and there are lessons to be learned that will fuel your growth.

If we constantly resist, we keep ourselves in a state of suffering. Publication. Let go. Surrender to the process and expect to be taken to a better place. Accept the belief that life is always manipulated in your favor and show yourself each day with a commitment to love and growth and let the universe find out the details.

Embody high spirits:

The law of attraction is a fundamental law of the universe that says: “Like attracts like.” What we attract into our reality is determined by the mood we emit. When we cast out negativity, we get more negativity into our lives. On the other hand, when we act positive energy, more positivity is returned to us. Investing in high spirits is always a good idea.

High mood energies include appreciation, joy, love, kindness, peace, forgiveness, empowerment, truth.

Low mood energies include guilt, shame, guilt, fear, anger.

Every time you experience a lower vibrational energy, ask yourself how you can do something in that moment to transform yourself into a higher mood.

There are so many ways to improve your mood and anything that nourishes your mind, body, or spirit is just right for you. Here are a few ideas:

Try some of these activities this week. As you feel better, you will dress better, and this validation will make you choose a good vibe yourself.

Focus on yourself:

While you are getting divorced, you may have a tendency to compare yourself to others as you may find that other intact families are happily enjoying their lives. It is important to take a minute to remember that spirituality is an individual journey. This is not a race to the finish line or a competition to see who has a happier life. Take a moment to realize that everyone is dealing with their own challenges, whether or not they openly show them.

This human experience is about becoming a better version of who we were yesterday, and we do this best by focusing on ourselves.

Stay on your own track and keep reminding yourself that your life experiences give you the opportunity to move forward and you can make a decision that will move you forward in any moment.

Shape your future:

Divorce marks the end of a chapter in your life and is not the last chapter in your book. You have the opportunity to start a whole new chapter and make your new life the way you want it. You can be as creative as you want and if you can imagine it, you can have it in your life.

Dream up your future life. Which direction do you want to go Is there anything new you want to try? This is a great opportunity to conduct a deep soul search and

This is an exciting opportunity to apply some higher level energetic manifestation principles where you can shape your future with the universe. Ask the universe what you want (and be open to achieving something even better), believe that you are worthy and deserved, and get ready to receive what is in your highest good .

Remember, life happens for you, not you, and divorce is no exception. With the right attitude and commitment to energy, you can steer your divorce with acceptance and grace, trusting that the universe will always take care of you.

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