5 youngsters, one man killed in Muskogee; suspect in custody

MUSKOGEE, okla. – Muskogee police are investigating after a man and five children were killed Tuesday morning.

Authorities said Jarron Pridgeon shot Jalaiya Pridgeon (1), Jaidus Pridgeon (3), Harmony Anderson (5), Neveah Pridgeon (6), Que’dynce Anderson (9) and Javarion Lee (24). Lee is the suspect’s brother. Brittany Anderson, the children’s mother, is in a Tulsa hospital. Her sister told 2 Works for You that she is feeling a little better today.

GALLERY: Photos of the victims killed in Muskogee

Three other children in the house were not injured. You are in the custody of the Oklahoma Human Services Division. A family member said they expect to reunite with the surviving children in a few days.

Muskogee police responded to a call from several people who were shot dead in a house on the 900 block of Indiana at around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. When they got home, they found a person with a gun.

“One of our officers shot and shot this suspect and went missing. The suspect ran away,” said Lynn Hamlin, information officer with the Muskogee Police Department.

Officers chased the man and took him into custody after a brief chase. Muskogee Police identified the suspect, Pridgeon. They said he was not cooperating with the investigation. Police said the suspect and all of the victims lived in the home.

Pridegeon was charged Tuesday afternoon and has a second trial on Wednesday.

Muskogee County Jail

Officials found a man and four children dead in the house.

“They discovered that four young children and one adult man had been shot,” Hamlin said.

Emergency teams took a wounded child to a Tulsa hospital by helicopter. This child later died. A woman was also rushed to a Tulsa hospital with life-threatening injuries. The police said she was awake and stable.

According to Muskogee Public Schools, two of the victims went to Creek Elementary.

“We are saddened by this tragic loss and our deepest condolences go to all those affected,” said Dr. Jarod Mendenhall, Superintendent of Muskogee Public Schools. “No words can adequately express our sadness at losing these students, and our thoughts and prayers are with this family.”

The school works with Green Country Behavioral Health to provide grief counseling throughout the week. The district will notify the Creek Elementary parents and inform them of the student support system.

The Mayor of Muskogee also released a statement about the tragic deaths.

– Mayor Marlon Coleman, Muskogee (@MayorMuskogee) February 2, 2021

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Muskogee Police are investigating and said they will release more information as the development progresses. 2 Works for You will be updated as we learn more.

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