5 Youngsters Taken Into Protecting Custody After Warrant Search Uncovers Medicine, Loaded Weapons In Dutch Flat Dwelling – CBS Sacramento

DUTCH APARTMENT (CBS13) – Couple arrested on suspicion of endangering children after detectives found drugs and a loaded gun in a house during a search warrant.

Detectives issued the warrant on April 14th in a house on Frost Hill Lane in Dutch Flat.

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The Placer County Sheriff’s Office reports that five children lived in the house with two adults, Moriah Charley, 37, and Kevin Towner, 34. Detectives soon discovered a variety of illegal items around the home: marijuana food, methamphetamine, and a loaded gun.

The items were all within easy reach of the kids who lived in the apartment, detectives say.

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An illegal short-barreled rifle, another loaded pistol, a 100-round magazine, and marijuana for sale were also discovered by detectives.

Both Charley and Towner have been arrested and face numerous charges.

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The five children have been taken into protective custody, the sheriff’s office says.

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