7 Single Mother Valentine’s Day Concepts

Your single mom’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be sad or lonely. Use these 7 unique ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day whether you have a partner or not.

Valentine’s Day can be a tough time for single mothers, especially if you’re newly single. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be reserved for darlings and hot dates, and it doesn’t have to be monopolized by your kids’ vacation activities (although this can be fun too!).

Unless you have a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day, don’t sit at home and watch the reruns of Sex Sent Me To The ER while drinking junk food. Do something different and celebrate yourself.

7 ideas for Valentine’s Day for single mothers:

Plan ahead

1. Call your single parent friends and plan the night ahead. Stay away from Valentine’s Day dinners or places with mood lighting. Instead, head to a movie, museum, or mini-golf – whatever fun activity rocks your boat.

To throw a party!

2. Do you feel particularly sociable? Have your own Valentine’s Day party where you set the rules! Invite whoever you want, with or without children. Watch horror movies, drink potluck, only make dessert in the evening, the ideas are limitless.

Give yourself some time for me

3. What could be nicer than celebrating YOU than being pampered? If you don’t want to be around others, plan a mani / pedi, get your hair cut, get a deep tissue massage, or go broke with a full face and makeup application. And treat yourself to a box of chocolates for later that night.

Reach out to other singles

4th Surround yourself with other singles instead of couples. Search the internet for local singles groups, events, or social gatherings happening on Valentine’s Day. In fact, there are anti-Valentine’s Day events everywhere. Attending one of these events could make Valentine’s Day your favorite holiday!

Send some money!

5. Yes, it’s a cliché, but nothing gets rid of the blues like a little retail therapy. In small, financially manageable doses, retail therapy calms the soul. Whether you’re making a purchase or just looking and wishing, shopping can be a mental refresh. It’s like taking a vacation without packing or planning. And they have these delicious giant cookies on the food court!

Spread the love

6th Do you have a boyfriend who is newly divorced? A widowed mother that you would love to shower with love? Share your heart with others! There is always someone who is less fortunate than you. Find him, take him out of the house, and teach him, for example, the importance of spreading love on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Share the day with a furry friend

7th Did you know that one in five would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet than a partner? Why don’t we wonder! If you don’t have a furry friend to share your life with, Valentine’s Day might be the perfect time to add a new member to your household. They will shower you with love on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Love is shared in many ways, this Valentine’s Day removes the stereotypical thinking that it’s a couples day and spends time pampering and taking care of you. Celebrate life and all that it has to offer.

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