7-week-old child secure, dad and mom in Danville Police custody after N.C. Amber Alert

ROANOKE, VA. (WDBJ) – The Caswell County North Carolina Sheriff’s office has confirmed that a 7 week old girl was found safe at the center of an Amber Alert Thursday.

Her parents are in the care of the Danville Police Department.

The Amber Alert was issued on Thursday after 6 p.m. in North Carolina. Authorities believed the baby was kidnapped by 42-year-old Jody Allan Caudle and 24-year-old Taylor Ann Crawford. The Caswell County Sheriff’s Bureau confirmed to WDBJ7 that the two suspects are the baby’s parents.

Danville Police said at the time of the alert, officers were working to locate the child. The department says officers found the parents on the 3000 block on West Main Street at around 7:18 p.m. Thursday. After a brief examination, the child was found safe and unharmed with the parents. Both parents were taken into custody on unrelated allegations. After being screened by rescue workers, the baby was released to Caswell County’s Child Protection Services.

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