Albion non-profit to deal with youngsters in custody at U.S.-Mexican border

ALBION, Michigan – An Albion nonprofit is opening its campus to over 200 unaccompanied migrant children in response to an urgent federal government request.

Starr Commonwealth will open its Albion campus to meet the evolving humanitarian challenge on the southern border.

Starr has signed a facility agreement that allows the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) to use their 350-acre campus as a safe haven.

ACF will provide temporary protection for up to 240 unaccompanied migrant children ages 12 and under to reunite with their families or godparents.

The campus has 17 cottages that can accommodate up to 240 children and carers. The campus also has a gym, cafeteria, school buildings, chapel, ball fields, racetrack, and a lakeside park.

ACF said they will provide bilingual carers with a background related to child welfare or development to look after the children on campus. The organization expects each child to stay 30 days or less.

To protect the safety of the children, certain details about their arrival and care will not be disclosed.

All children will be screened for COVID-19 prior to their trip to Michigan. They will also be rechecked for COVID upon arrival on campus. Those who test positive will be quarantined in one of two cottages on campus to prevent the virus from spreading to others.

Starr Commonwealth has grown and evolved over the decades to offer community-based programs, educational, and behavioral health services that create and promote universal hope, limitless love, and success for children. While the nonprofit ended its inpatient treatment program last summer, it retained its license with the state of Michigan while setting the next chapter for the campus.

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