Alcohol supply invoice heads to Iowa governor

The main entrance to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum is on West Branch. Iowa lawmakers have received a one-time tax credit to help the library raise funds to renovate the museum, which has been 28 years since a renovation, longer than any other presidential library, a Republican lawmaker said. (The newspaper)

DES MOINES – Legislation amending Iowa law to allow third party delivery of alcohol products is on its way to Governor Kim Reynolds’ desk.

Members of the Iowa Senate voted between 39 and 7 Wednesday to approve House File 766, which allows companies licensed in liquor to contract with third-party delivery services like Uber or DoorDash to deliver alcoholic beverages to customers.

The bill contained language to give the alcohol license holder – the bars, restaurants, or grocery stores that sell alcohol – some immunity from misconduct by the third party delivery service.

The bill removes the requirement that deliveries of alcohol, wine or beer must be made in a vehicle owned by a leased vehicle or under the control of the holder of an alcohol license or permit.

Hoover Library Tax Credit

Also on Wednesday, the Senators voted 46-0 to approve a tax credit to raise funds for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum in West Branch.

House File 588, which will be forwarded to the Governor, would create a tax credit for the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum to allow donors to apply for a 25 percent deduction on their Iowa income taxes.

The loan would be capped at $ 5 million, a 4-to-1 game to fund a $ 20 million renovation of the West Branch library and museum where the 31st President grew up would create.

Senator Tim Goodwin, R-Burlington noted that the Hoover site hadn’t been renovated in 28 years – the longest of the presidential libraries.

The museum hopes to use the tax credit to expand its donor network, supporters said, noting that it was a one-time request and will expire after three years.

Hoover was elected president in 1928 and received 87 honorary degrees from American and European institutions, became an honorary citizen of 24 European cities, and received nearly 500 medals, awards and honors.

Hoover is revered for his humanitarian efforts to feed millions of Europeans after World War I. As President, he was held responsible for policies that failed to cope with the Great Depression.

Lottery security

The Senators voted 46-0 to pass the governor’s bill, which increases security in the Iowa lottery.

House File 429 would create a Class D crime for a retailer knowingly or intentionally giving a lottery ticket so that a winner could avoid compensation obligations such as child support or unpaid taxes.

Ann Lebo confirmed

The Senate voted 35-11 to uphold Ann Lebo as Reynolds’ decision to head the Iowa Department of Education.

Iowa Department of Education director Ann Lebo speaks at a March 22 press conference on the state’s response to coronavirus. The Iowa Senate on Wednesday confirmed her appointment. (Kelsey Kremer / Des Moines Register / pool photo)

Gubernatorial appointments must receive a positive two-thirds majority of the 50-member chamber or at least 34 senators in order to be confirmed. Republicans currently have a 32-18 lead in the Senate, and one GOP Senator is on military leave.

Democrats who joined Republicans to vote on Lebo’s endorsement were Sens. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, Zach Wahls of Coralville, Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City, Pam Jochum of Dubuque, Amanda Ragan of Mason City, and Herman Quirmbach of Ames .

The Senators voted 46-0 to confirm 66 of the governor’s nominations for various posts in the state government, including Maj. Gen. Benjamin Corell as adjutant general of the Iowa National Guard and Gregory Samorajski as chief executive officer of the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System (IPERS )).

Earlier in the day, members of four Senate committees put nearly 90 of Reynolds’ appointments to various state boards and commissions on the Senate calendar for single or en bloc confirmatory votes later that session.

Notable candidates who received committee action based on their nominations included Matt Strawn as chief executive officer of the Iowa Lottery Authority, former lawmaker Geri Huser as chairman and member of the Iowa Utilities Board, Doug Ommen as Iowa Insurance Commissioner, and Jeffrey Plagge as State bank supervisor.

The list also includes four members of the Iowa Board of Parole, three members of the State Board of Corrections, and four members of the State Civil Rights Commission.

Due to COVID-19 and other delay factors, the Senators agreed to extend the confirmation deadline beyond the normal April 15 deadline.

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