Anthony Anderson Will Pay His Estranged Spouse Alvina Spousal Assist

Anthony Anderson’s 30-year love story is officially ending!

The renowned comedian, best known for his portrayal of Andre “Dre” Johnson in the “Black-ish” series, recently agreed to his soon-to-be ex-wife Alvina Anderson’s request for spousal support.

As shared by PEOPLE, this marked the second time the entertainer’s estranged spouse filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” as her reason for dissolving their longtime relationship.

Anthony And Alvina Anderson Were Separated Weeks Before Their Divorce


In 2015, the “Kangaroo Jack” actor’s wife first filed for divorce, citing the same reasons as her second request, including an appeal for spousal support.

However, the couple managed to reconcile as the case was dismissed in 2017. Five years later, the fan-favorite couple were back in court, seeking to end their affair on amicable terms.

In the court documents obtained by the news outlet, the “My Baby’s Daddy” star has agreed to honor his former partner’s request for spousal support.

The ex-couple’s joint forensic accountant shall determine the precise amount to be paid as an investigation of the spouse’s individual finances is still pending.

Alvina reportedly asked the court to date the spousal support payments to March 1, 2022, or their separation date. However, the “Beats” star’s lawyers insisted otherwise.

According to the comedian’s legal team, the NAACP Image Award winner should not be required to make any payments before June 1, 2022.

Although Alvina officially filed for a second divorce on March 25, her soon-to-be ex-husband revealed that the duo had been estranged since February 25.

The couple began their three-decade relationship as high school sweethearts. Looking back at their iconic romance, the “To Tell the Truth” host admitted to sources that the pair’s contrasting personalities helped build their relationship.

Anthony Anderson and wife Alvina at the premiere of 'Barbershop'MEGA

“She’s quiet, I’m loud. Opposites attract,” the “Malibu’s Most Wanted” actor said while discussing their love story, which began after Anthony and his friends threw a party.

The Emmy nominee wanted to invite a girl named Stacey to the event, but as fate would have it, Alvina answered the door that day and attended the bash without her roommate.

Afterward, the couple began their longtime relationship, marking their 10th anniversary with an intimate wedding in September 1999 and welcoming two children — their 26-year-old daughter Kyra and 22-year-old son Nathan.

As stipulated in their divorce settlement, the former spouses decided to sell their Encino property in California and equally share the profits.

As reported by The Blast, records showed that the house could be worth $2.3 million or higher, but the profits from its sale would only be distributed after the exes paid off the current mortgage.

The lavish 3,342 square feet California property has a total of six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and beautifully crafted interiors.

While this architectural masterpiece awaits its new owner, Anthony has agreed to co-sign a 12-month lease for his ex-wife. This agreement gave Alvina time to find alternate housing.

As for their children, no child support was required in this case because the former couple’s two children are both adults.

The SAG Award Nominee Drops Out Of The ‘Law & Order’ Franchise

the blast previously revealed that the “Iron Chef America” judge had bowed out from the “Law & Order” series for the second time.

The TV personality reprized his role as the icon Detective Kevin Bernard in the show’s season 21 but would not be returning for season 22 as the Compton native only signed a one-year contract.

According to sources, the “K-Ville” star only rejoined the cast to support Dick Wolf in the relaunch of the beloved franchise. Despite these claims, the season’s finale did not mention Anderson’s exit.

The “Law & Order” franchise debuted on NBC in 1990, running for 20 seasons before losing favor and getting canceled in 2010.

Eleven years later, the network announced that the series would return in September 2021.

They noted that the drama would continue its original storytelling format of showcasing officers investigating criminal offenses and the district attorneys who prosecute these criminals.

Aside from getting to return to the famous franchise, the Golden Globe Award nominee also fulfilled his 30-year goal of graduating from college.

Last month, Anderson achieved a diploma from the prestigious Howard University, where the 51-year-old studied Art at the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts.

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