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Bibi prematurely declares a “great victory” in inconclusive Israeli elections

RONEN ZVULUN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party was initially shown with a slight advantage, updated polls show that no large parties have a clear path to forming a new government. But that didn’t stop Netanyahu from claiming an early victory. “You have given the right and the Likud a great victory under my leadership,” he said in a Likud statement immediately after the elections at 10 p.m. You want a strong and stable right-wing government, the Israeli economy, and Israel’s security preserve the land of Israel. “A five percent turnout reduction, possibly reflecting the exhaustion of Israeli voters after four consecutive elections in less than two years, has left open the possibility of a prolonged stalemate and a fifth election in the coming months. There was nothing Benjamin Netanyahu did not throw into this campaign that, if successful, would secure him a sixth term. Biblis Trumpian election freakout worried pundits but silenced his ministers to make sure all public attention was on him. When the Central Electoral Commission forbade his party, Likud, to use the Health Department’s vaccination slogan, “We’re Coming Back to Life!” For the election campaign, he doubled up with posters of himself smiling at the generally plastered words Netanyahu had spent the past few weeks the campaign by belittling his rivals and attacking individual journalists by name. “The media,” he said repeatedly, “is a party of its own.” It’s the Never Netanyahu Party. “Netanyahu, who was interviewed by veteran political analyst Rina Matsliah on Saturday night, pointed at his ear with the spiral-shaped gesture that generally means” crazy “and said from her earpiece:” Rina, Rina, Rina, go on! Go on, Rina. Rina, Rina, do you have anything else to say? You have more for your loser app … do you think someone believes you? Someone? “After supporters of Netenyahu’s Likud Party crashed an event at which his rival Gidon Sa’ar spoke and threw stones and eggs at members of the public, Netenyahu said he would” hold any violence against all candidates and in particular condemned against irrelevant candidates like Gideon Sa’ar. “Knesset spokesman Yariv Levin, a top deputy from Netanyahu, accused the electoral commission of prejudice in order to cast doubt on the election if it did not go in favor of Likud. He made baseless allegations against the committee chairman, Supreme Court Justice Uzi Fogelman, said he had taken “biased, one-sided, illogical” positions. “It’s a big dilemma for the politicians who run against Netanyahu,” said Chaim Levinson, political analyst for Haaretz, in a podcast for the news site Al-Monitor. “Can you get as merciless and amoral as he is to win? Because Netanyahu will do anything to win. He has no problem … Netanyahu doesn’t care. And if you run against Netanyahu, if you are not ready to be like Netanyahu, you are at a disadvantage because he fights without rules and you fight with rules. You’re not trying to kick anyone in the balls. “In an interview, Gayil Talshir, a survey expert at the Hebrew University, said Netanyahu’s predicament was the result of” Israelis being exhausted with the political system – not with Netanyahu. ” According to his rivals, Netanyahu’s target was all along. Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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