Belle Meade Millionaire Mom charged with pushing son out entrance door #assault – Scoop: Nashville

Victoria Lynn King, 51, was taken into custody by Belle Meade Police Sergeant David Wright Wednesday night after her son called to tell police they pushed him out the front door of their $ 2.9 million estate causing him to fall on the porch scratching his right knee and shin.

Belle Meade Police on Wednesday answered 512 Belle Meade Blvd for a call about a domestic attack. Sgt. Wright contacted the victim, who stated that he and his mother, Victoria Lynn King, had a verbal argument about property earlier that day and it became physical.

The son said he was on the phone with his brother when his mother started yelling at him and that he had to lean his body out of the way to avoid being hit when she tried to hit him. He says she then pushed it out the front door and dropped it on the porch. He showed police scratches on his right knee and shin, which appeared to be due to the fact that he had fallen when she pushed him out the front door.

Victoria Lynn King (MNPD)Victoria Lynn King (MNPD)

Victoria Lynn King was admitted to Metro Nashville Prison at 8:39 p.m. Wednesday and released at 12:36 p.m. Thursday. She has a $ 1,500 bond on deposit and is due for an initial hearing on June 14th. Victoria King is the youngest ex-wife of John Terrance King of the Snodgrass-King Dental empire. Upon divorce, in addition to the residence on Benton Avenue, she received the Belle Meade estate. The husband kept a Lexus 570 and a Land Cruiser while she kept a second Land Cruiser and a Mercedes Sprinter. In addition to splitting all financial accounts, she received a $ 1,000,000 non-taxable judgment on the divorce payable to her over 20 years, guaranteed by his dental business and classified as domestic assistance obligations. She also received $ 5,000 monthly maintenance for 10 years and guaranteed employment in the dental office for the same period. She also receives $ 2,300 a month in child benefit.

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