Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin Get Into Heated Dialogue Over Youngster Assist

Teen Mom 2 aired the first part of the reunion Tuesday night, and it’s safe to say it was dramatic. Most of the drama centered on Briana DeJesus and her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin, with whom she shares daughter Nova. It got so hot between the two that Austin even left the stage at some point.

The segment started innocently enough with DeJesus thanking Austin for being there for her other daughter, Stella, whom she shares with her ex, Luis Hernandez. It quickly took a turn, however, after co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky had asked if Austin was currently working. He replied that he currently has a job. Then co-host Nessa Diab asked if he would be happy to give DeJesus more financial support to look after her daughter, with whom he was on board. Austin said he paid DeJesus $ 250 a month and that he wants to “look further ahead” regarding their mutual parenting. Although DeJesus had some problems with that.

“But now that you can, you should because the last time you financially helped out with an invoice was a while, it was a few months,” she said. Austin then said that if DeJesus wanted to put him on child support, he would be the same person and that he would continue to be there for Nova and Stella. He went on to say that he wouldn’t mind if his ex asked him for explicit child support (i.e., turn on the court). DeJesus then interjected to say that Austin would go defensive when the subject of money comes up. The two criticized each other for certain luxury purchases (Austin struggled with DeJesus wearing Louboutin heels and DeJesus said her ex recently bought a pair of jeans for $ 500).

Austin said DeJesus could only pay for these purchases because of the show. Since he was seen more prominently in Teen Mom 2, he can “now” care for his family. DeJesus tried to put things right, telling her ex several times to “shut up”. This caused Austin to leave. He thanked the Reunion hosts and removed his microphone and stated that he was done with DeJesus. After he left the building, the mother of two continued to talk to Pinsky and Diab about the situation. She said that she can see that she and Austin are getting to a better place in their parenting relationship, but that they need to work on their communication. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.

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