Brittany Renner Reveals How A lot Youngster Assist She Receives From PJ Washington

There were rumors that she gets $200K, but Brittany set the record straight as she talked about providing for her child.

When a woman has a child with a man who is financially secure, regardless of how much money she makes, she will face some sort of criticism. Brittany Renner’s relationship with Charlotte Hornets star PJ Washington was unraveled for a worldwide audience as their romance, pregnancy, parenthood, and breakup was put on display for a global audience. Renner faced backlash after it was learned that she met Washington when he was a teenage college basketball star when she was 26, and it is something that she continues to defend, most recently on the Tonight’s Conversation podcast.

As clips of that discussion circulate, we face a portion of the interview where Renner speaks about the misconceptions about her financial status now that she shares a son with an NBA player.

Renner and Washington decided to end their relationship not long after their son was born, and almost immediately, she faced accusations that she was only with him for money. People pelted her with comments about living off the child support she receives from her ex, but Renner insists that she doesn’t get much.

“A lot of people think I’m getting X amount in child support and I don’t have to work and I don’t have to do all this stuff,” she said. “But it’s like, I very much provide for my child. I’m here right now, my mom is watching my son and I’m here like, doing the damn thing. I’m doing my best.”

Others sympathized with Renner. “A lot of people judge that, but it’s like, when you have to—you can’t rely on your child’s father to provide for you, so you have to make a way, you know? So, it’s like, I’ve never been about money, it’s never been about that, but it’s like, especially me not getting $200,000. People always say that.” She then joked that if she really got that much money, she would have all of her friends get pregnant.

She said that she provides for her child and receives $2,500 per month. Viewers thought Renner seemed ungrateful for that amount as they complained of their personal circumstances.

Check out the clip below.

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