Buffalo man accused of mendacity on passport software

Mohammad Lee allegedly used a second identity, Mohammad Lei, and his ‘Lei’ identity prevented him from receiving a passport due to unpaid child support.

BUFFALO, NY — A Buffalo man is accused of lying to try and get a passport, the United States Attorney’s Office Western District of New York said.

The Attorney General’s office said 70-year-old Melvin Leon Lee, who also goes by Mohammad Caliph Lei, 70, was arrested on complaints of making a false statement on an application and use of a passport.

According to the news release, in April of 2021, Lee applied for a United States passport. When Lee was asked if he had ever used any other names, he left that box on the application blank. His application was denied.

Following that, an investigation was conducted and that led authorities to learn that Lee made false claims that he had two prior passports that were issued in July of 1976 and March of 1980, but were lost.

The investigation also uncovered Lee’s use of a second identity, which was Mohammad Caliph Lei. His ‘Lei’ identity prevented him from receiving a passport because of $12,450 in unpaid child support.

As a result of that debt, Lei has been certified for passport denial since November of 2001.

If found guilty, Lee could be facing a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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