Caddo Parish Fee to think about gun laws

A firearms-related incident in the parking lot of the Caddo community juvenile court prompted the Caddo community commission to advance gun legislation banning firearms on the community’s premises during its working session on Monday.

The Commissioner debated the issue, which ended 7-5, to move the issue to Thursday’s agenda as an introduction.

Caddo community administrator Dr. Woodrow Wilson said during the meeting, “We felt it was necessary because we have requirements that you are not allowed to have a gun on the courthouse grounds, and I have spoken with lawyer (Donna) Frazier about having guns in each of our facilities.”

Lawyer Frazier made it clear that the ordinance applies to “firearms,” ​​particularly following the incident last week at the Caddo Parish Juvenile Courthouse where a man had a firearm in his vehicle while parked in the juvenile court parking lot and the current code doesn’t prohibit anything from doing this.

“The problem with (the gun) in his vehicle is that the entire front of this device is made of glass and can be shot into,” Frazier said. “It’s a place where you have contentious custody and child support proceedings.”

“Security over there, run by the Sheriff’s Office (Caddo Parish), asked us to do something, like we do in the courthouse, that forbids anyone from having firearms anywhere on the premises unless they are.” are a law enforcement officer. “

At the session it was reported that Tuesday is the most dangerous day in Caddo Parish Juvenile Court, with most of the incidents occurring in the parking lot.

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