Cape Worry Household Legislation to host ultimate of three sand sculpture shows Saturday, July 16 on Carolina Seashore

Campaign is Designed to Prompt Discussion and Awareness to Protect Your Assets

There is no question that during times of economic instability, it is critical to protect your assets. When going through a life changing event like a custody conflict or a divorce, it is critical to assess not only asset strengths and weaknesses, but your ability to weather the storm and enjoy life’s good times.

Cape Fear Family Law continues to work with clients and to inform and educate residents of the Lower Cape Fear about steps they can take to remain solvent in times like these while still seeing the positives in everyday life and especially in our region. Saturday, July 16, 2022 at the Hamlet Avenue Public Beach Access on Carolina Beach, sand sculpture artist Sandi Adams of SandiCastles will be creating sand design in the likeness of a dragon.

According to Janet Gemmell of Cape Fear Family Law, during times of inflation, when the cost of living is increasing significantly yet income remains stable, there is a tendency for individuals to experience heightened financial and emotional anxiety. Add to that a custody battle or other legal altercation, and the notion of protecting assets appears to be near impossible.

“Most people I know feel humiliated and something close to physical pain when they cash in assets or investments to pay debt or expenses. Panic sets in,” said Gemmell. “Many people increase their debt during inflation by purchasing necessities which are now more costly. In addition to cutting out vacations, fancy or extravagant purchases, and extra toys and events for their children, most people are also finding their credit card balances slowing inching upwards.”

The display on Carolina Beach is really designed to remind everyone to enjoy the simple things in life like our beaches while prompting people to explore ways one can protect their assets. And while everyone’s life circumstances are different, taking pause to consider the future and what could happen is beneficial to anyone. Visitors to Carolina Beach are encouraged to stop by on Saturday to view the sculpture, and consider what you can do to #ProectYourAssets.

Cape Fear Family Law is a Wilmington, NC based law firm that handles child custody, child support, legal separation, and divorce matters.

The mission of SandiCastles is to provide a unique and memorable service that will delight clients and contribute to their time together, their enjoyment, and their learning.

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