Common Hospital Recap: Carly Cries When Ava Takes Custody of Avery

Jax passes the Corinthos compound to see Carly. She sends him to the kitchen to check on Joss when Ava and Nikolas arrive with Avery. The little girl says she didn’t want her dad to go with Grandpa Mike just yet. When Ava, Nikolas and Carly sit down together, Jerome expresses their condolences. Ava immediately says they need to bring up the visit. The arrangement was with Sonny, but he’s gone, so she’s the legal guardian and Avery should live with her. That makes Carly angry. Ava insists her daughter will be less of a target in Wyndemere. She promises not to cut her out of Avery’s life. Nikolas stays with Carly and tells her that he won’t sit back and watch her pass off someone else’s child as her own. He reminds her of what she and Jax did to Spencer.

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Jax goes into the kitchen with Joss and Trina. His daughter reaches the point where she feels numb from loss. He advises her to focus on the good things and stay busy. She changed diapers. When she retires to paint with Avery, Jax encourages Trina not to waste her second chance with Taggert on anger. After Jax and his daughter are alone, she tells him that she will not leave her mother alone now. He won’t fight her with it.

Joss gives Trina advice about Marcus at Corinthos Kitchen General Hospital

Trina and Ava talk to Marcus about the situation. Ava explains why Taggert did what he did, regardless of how much it upset her. Joss later tells Trina how determined Sonny always was to take care of her. She resisted him, but he wore her down and she loves him.

Jax watches as Carly says goodbye to Avery at the front door. Nikolas and Ava take her with them and Carly cries in Jax’s arms.

Outside, Ava and Avery are talking about the half-heart necklace that is still at the jewelry store.

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TJ reports betrayal at General Hospital to Curtis

Curtis runs into Portia in the General Hospital. She informs him about the gap between Taggert and his daughter. Brando runs around the corner towards TJ and gets a slap in the face. Brando can guess why, but doesn’t want to fight. Curtis and Portia separate them. TJ tells him why he’s so angry. He’s sure Curtis isn’t in a lenient mood about Jordan either. They complain about Jordan and her many lies.

Molly walks in looking desperately for TJ. Brando insists he didn’t hurt him. Molly is sorry for keeping Brando from coming clean months ago. She spots Curtis and TJ and walks by. Curtis advises them to be honest and they go away together. TJ complains that Brando has two faces. Molly explains that she made him stay silent. He takes her hand and says they have to do better.

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Sasha and Maxie pitch for Nina at Crimson General Hospital

Maxie and Sasha visit Nina in the Crimson Office. They think Nina should write a cover story about Sasha and her recovery. Nina doesn’t think it’s wise to turn Sasha’s problems into PR. Sasha wants Nina to be the one to tell her story. She will not be able to heal unless she shows up and takes responsibility for her mistakes. Nina says she has suffered enough and doesn’t want to add anything. You have to take your story elsewhere. Sasha thanks her for always being so nice to her. Nina tells her to stop beating herself up. She reminds her how much joy she gave her when she thought she was her mother. This is probably the only time she has ever known motherhood. She has given up looking for her birth daughter.

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Sonny wakes up in the woods with a headache and a cut on his forehead. Eddie walks up to him and thinks he is in shock. He gives him a jacket. Sonny can’t remember his name.

Injured Sonny can't remember who he is at Auto General Hospital

In the car, Eddie tries to ask Sonny questions about his identity, but he can’t remember anything. Something sparkles when he sees the Saint Christopher medal hanging on the rearview mirror. When the driver speeds up, a police officer pulls him past. After writing a ticket for Eddie, he notices that Sonny looks familiar. You get out of the vehicle. Sonny has no idea where he is and no ID. The policeman promises to take her to an emergency room.

To the nearest general hospital: Alexis receives a painful reminder.

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