Common Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil: A New Perspective on Custody Battle With Brian Austin Inexperienced

The Emmy winner shares her hard-won perspective on her past.

Everything that happens to you happens for you, ”began Vanessa Marcil’s introspective Instagram post on July 12th. “I found peace looking back at the two things that traumatized my life the most: my childhood and defending myself against a 14 year struggle for full custody.

“Both situations made me who I am today, and I’ve never been happier,” added the General Hospital alum who played Brenda. “It’s hard not to go under when we think that life and / or people have wronged us, but …”

Yes, there is a “still”. Marcil found a way to paint herself out of the corner she could have stuck in. “My painful childhood turned me into an artist and empowered me to empathize deeply with others, especially working mothers, women, and innocent children who are thrown into a tug of war,” she said. As for her fight with her ex, her former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Brian Austin Green, “the reasoning behind it” [his] want full custody [of our son, Kassius] was that I was a mother of the quote. ‘ I’ve been accused of being a ‘career obsessed mother’, a mother who ‘doesn’t care about my child’ …

“But I paid all of my bills and sometimes everyone else’s bills and had never applied for child benefit until Kass was 17 and a half,” she continued. “Would you ever blame a father for obsessing over his career? As an absent parent? Of course the answer is no. “

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Fortunately, times are changing. “The world,” noted Marcil, “is getting better as we all take a fresh look at these archaic ideas about motherhood. But again, my legal process made me a better mom and made me jump off the workaholic bandwagon to slow down. I am forever grateful … to learn that I am enough and enjoy the “ride”.

“As Sonny said to tell Brenda,” she interjected, “it was a great trip” – and it was time. I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life with all my heart, as I had never felt it as a child, and I would not take anything with me for my trip now. “

Finally, Marcil returned to the beginning of her post and repeated her feeling that “what happens to us … happens to us. I can see that now. “

She also had a message for anyone wronged: Don’t break a sweat, karma is behind you. “Everything that has ever wronged you will happen to them ten times – for them,” she wrote. “We are all connected.”

As you ponder Marcil’s message, scroll through the photo gallery below, a collection of images depicting the highlights of her job at the General Hospital as Brenda.

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