Courtroom orders deadbeat dad to pay single mum, Sh1.2 million little one assist

A woman in Mombasa is demanding Sh1.2 million in arrears for child maintenance from her baby daddy who she claims has absconded duties since 2018 to date.
RN says Urbanus Wambua has failed to obey two court orders that directed him to pay maintenance and medical insurance for their five-year-old daughter. RN who is a makeup artist avers that Wambua has continued to decline paying school fees and medical insurance for their child despite acknowledging to be the father.

According to court documents from Milimani Children’s Court, Wambua had been asked to pay all the outstanding maintenance arrears totaling to Sh1,260,995 for the minor since August 22, 2018 to January 20, 2022. RN particularised the minor’s expenses as Sh85,200 with the minor’s fees being Sh60,500.

RN who also works as an online entrepreneur said she earns Sh40,000 per month and was seeking a monthly maintenance of Sh63,500 from her ex-lover.
Principal Magistrate MA Otindo in his orders dated May 31, 2021, directed Wambua to pay outstanding maintenance amount since August 22, 2018.
Otindo had on August 22, 2018 ordered Wambua to pay maintenance of Sh24,250 and further on May 31, 2021 he was ordered to pay outstanding maintenance since August 22, 2018.

School fees and school related expenses for the child

“Be advised you are supposed to settle the minor’s maintenance fees since August 22, 2018 until January 20, 2022 totaling to Sh1,260,995 together with paying school fees and medical insurance for the minor as from January 20, 2022,” read the judgment.

On January 2022 Chief Magistrate CC Olouch directed that Wambua shall pay fees and school related expenses for the child, suitable medical cover while RN would meet other needs for the child and have actual custody, care and control of the child. According to RN, the two met in Mombasa and after two years she relocated to Nairobi where she stayed with Wambua.

“In 2015 I met a man called Urbanus Wambua here in Mombasa, and we had a very strong relationship and I moved to Nairobi so that I could be close to him. The relationship developed until I conceived and 2017 I gave birth to a baby girl. I have single-handedly raised my daughter since birth because the guy has never been flexible to help in raising his daughter,” said RN.

RN said that after getting pregnant, Wambua became elusive despite making promises to take care of their child.
“He always gave excuses that he is busy at work, sometimes he would pick calls and say that he is in a meeting or other times he would say he is out of the country.”

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