Courtroom paperwork element custody battle earlier than murder-suicide in Harvest

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Court documents show that a month before Brian Buening shot and killed his 10-year-old son, the child’s mother warned the Buening Court and requested that his visitation rights be suspended.

The child’s mother, Kayla White, made an urgency motion on July 9, stating that her son Tate was “in grave danger in the father’s care”.

Victim in murder-suicide in Harvest. identified

That same day, Madison County district judge Chris Comer called a hearing on the matter for a month later, August 9th.

Three days before the hearing, on Friday, August 6, Madison County MPs said Buening killed his son and then shot himself in a house on Blue Creek Drive.

White’s petition asking the court to intervene alleged that Buening suffered from PTSD and depression and became extremely violent if left untreated or consumed alcohol. It also cited a history of suicidal thoughts, including two failed suicide attempts.

White claimed she feared for her life and her son’s life and was regularly harassed on the phone by Buening.

White’s application states that Buening had “threatened her verbally and by text message on numerous occasions” during his visiting hours. In his most recent text, he threatened to kill her. He also consumed alcohol while exercising his visiting rights.

Court documents show that Buening’s visitation rights were contingent on taking medical advice and attending his regular meetings at the veterinary center or a mental health counselor. The agreement also stated that he was not allowed to consume alcohol 24 hours before a planned visit.

White’s petition called for Buening to be convicted civilly and criminally of “willful disregard of the court order and failure to comply with its agreement”.

The trial has been scheduled for Monday.

White’s attorney filed a motion to dismiss the hearing on Friday, telling the court that Buening “followed through on his threats and killed himself and the minor child.”

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