CPS takes custody of three kids in Barrackville

BARRACKVILLE, W.Va. — Two individuals have been charged after CPS took custody of three children in Barrackville.

Heather Jordan

On May 20, officers with the Barrackville Police Department were in the area of ​​North Pike Street in Barrackville when they were notified by multiple people that there were two young girls in traffic nearby, according to a criminal complaint.

When officers arrived at the location of the reports, they saw a man who was intoxicated and slurring his words. He stated that after the two girls had gone to Dollar General on Pike Street and not returned, the woman in charge of their care, Heather Jordan, 34, of Barrackvile, had asked him to check on the girls, officers said.

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Samuel Leonard

At that point, officers contacted Child Protective Services, and Jordan arrived to the area shortly afterward. She confirmed that she had sent the intoxicated male to check on the girls but said that “he did not appear intoxicated when he left her residence,” according to the complaint.

When CPS arrived, a check of Jordan’s residence was performed with her permission and the permission of Samuel Leonard, 29, of Barrackville. The home “had animal feces on the floor and had a smell of animal urine that someone had tried to cover the smell by pouring carpet cleaner on the floor prior to [officers’] entry,” officers said.

The upstairs portion of the residence was covered in trash and toys “stacked along the right wall that could fall over on a small child” and a bedroom where a 2-year-old child resided “was very dirty with trash all over the floor, ” according to the complaint.

Due to the condition of the residence, CPS took custody of the child, officers said.

Jordan and Leonard have been charged with child neglect creating risk of bodily injury. They are being held in North Central Regional Jail.

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