Creepy Lubbock Dentist Should Stay In Custody Till Trial

LUBBOCK, TX – A federal judge has ordered a popular Lubbock dentist to remain in custody pending trial for child pornography. The suspect was arrested by the FBI and pleaded not guilty to child pornography-related charges.

According to court records, Jason Paul White was charged with three charges by a federal grand jury a few days ago. White was tasked with receiving and distributing child pornography, producing child pornography, and seducing a minor.

By January, at least 8 victims against white reported. The youngest victim, who was 13 at the time, stated that White had “hands-on” contact.

Prosecutors brought new evidence during a hearing in January that included child pornography with an infant. In addition, two victims came forward alleging inappropriate sexual relations with White.

One of the victims was 14 years old when White was 18 years old and the other was 15 years old when White was 26 years old.

They were given several tips about potential victims, according to a Lubbock Police Department detective.

White’s office was raided by FBI and Homeland Security agents back in January. Several items were removed from his dental office, home and vehicle.

In addition to the federal charges, White is also charged with alleged sexual performance by a child.

After the criminal charges were brought in the courts, a civil lawsuit was filed against White alleging the dentist of sexually assaulting a minor. The victim’s attorney claims White has “a porn business.” They are suing White for $ 10 million.

“He offered underage children money to produce pornography. He touched children inappropriately, “said attorney Kevin Glasheen.

After pleading not guilty, White was ordered to remain in custody pending his trial, which was scheduled for April 5, 2021.

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