Crystal Rogers’ Mom Holds Rally on Grandchild Custody

BARDSTOWN, Ky. – Sherry Ballard, the mother of Crystal Rogers, held a rally in Bardstown, Ky on Saturday. Close to the Nelson County Justice Center. In this courthouse, Ballard fought for visiting rights to see her grandson, Roger’s youngest child.

What you need to know

  • Crystal Rogers’ mother, Sherry Ballard, held a rally in Bardstown on Saturday
  • After her daughter disappeared in 2015, Ballard said she had visiting rights to see her grandson
  • Ballard said visiting rights had been suspended since November 2018
  • Dozens of protesters supported Ballard in their continued struggle for some kind of custody on Saturday

Dozens of people gathered Saturday to support Grandmother Ballard.

“I didn’t see my grandson. It was two years in November, ”said Ballard.

Ballard said after her daughter went missing in July 2015, she had visiting rights to see her grandson, who was only two years old when Rogers went missing.

The child’s father, Brooks Houck, was Rogers’ friend at the time. Houck was the only person named as a suspect in the case and currently has full custody of the child.

Ballard said, however, that she has not had any visiting rights as of November 2018 to see her grandson. Up until that point, Ballard said she saw her grandson every other weekend and saw him on every other public holiday as well. Ballard has since tried unsuccessfully to get some kind of custody back.

“I think I deserve to see my grandchild. I even told them I would make a supervised visit. I was denied that, ”said Ballard.

Dozens of protesters showed up on March 27, 2021 to support Sherry Ballard’s ongoing battle to gain access to her grandchild, who is the youngest son of her missing daughter, Crystal Rogers.

The protesters showed their support for Ballard by singing for over an hour on Saturday afternoon and saying things like “Fight for Justice!”

“It always moves me very much to see all the support. I’m always very nervous about that. It just means more than people know watching it all come out, ”Ballard said.

Sherry Bradley has been following the Rogers case from the start. She drove all the way from Michigan to attend the rally.

“This woman’s strength and determination is incredible. I just can’t imagine everything she’s been through. I mean, and to get nowhere, ”Bradley said.

As a grandmother of three, Bradley said she felt for Ballard.

“It’s sad. It’s really, very, very sad,” said Bradley, talking about the child not getting to know anyone on his mother’s side.

The rally proved that Ballard will no longer be silent.

“I refuse to pretend this little boy isn’t my grandson. I refuse to pretend he’s not my daughter’s son and I’m just not ready to do that anymore. “

Ballard said she wants her grandson to know the family loves him.

“And I want to see him. We miss him, ”said Ballard.

In a ruling last month, a Nelson Circuit judge denied Ballard permanent visiting rights. Ballard appealed the decision, saying she would keep fighting.

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