CTC could assist with primary requirements – Chico Enterprise-Report

If you think the current Child Tax Credit (CTC) increases welfare benefits, discourages marriage proposals, eliminates work demands, and contributes to currently unenforceable child support laws, please consider that person’s personal experience:

In the 1980s, I had a well-paying full-time job (for a woman). I had a first mortgage at 14% interest and had three children from two fathers who worked under the table to successfully fail in child support. The CTC that I then received simply reduced my tax burden – nothing more. Half of my net wage was used to pay the mortgage (yes, in the poorest part of town!) And the other half was used for everything else. I couldn’t get good quality dental or visual aids (something my employer’s health insurance didn’t cover), and I couldn’t get auto insurance either. We have NEVER eaten out, nor have we gone to any amusement park or vacation of any kind, stayed in a hotel, even though we did quite a bit of camping and other recreational activities for cheap. Don’t complain, mind you, because I’ve never been in debt; but the CTC didn’t do anything for me or my family back then. I can imagine that other families can now afford things that people in the middle to upper socio-economic hierarchy take for granted.

– Marcella Seay, Magalia

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