Cupboard secretaries spotlight Scottish Finances funding in tackling poverty and inequality

Cabinet Secretaries highlight the Scottish budget investments in combating poverty and inequality

The fight against deep-seated poverty and inequality will be supported by an increase in the Scottish budget for 2021-22 Scottish Government has said.

Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville

To ensure all children have the best start in life, £ 68 million will be invested in the Scottish Child Payment and £ 53 million will fund universal free school meals for all first, second and third elementary school children.

Communities affected by the coronavirus pandemic will continue to receive funding designed to help them recover and rebuild.

The Scottish budget for 2021-22 includes:

  • Nearly doubling spending by the Child Poverty Fund with an investment of £ 23.3 million and providing £ 6 million to local authorities to continue to receive a school clothing grant of at least 100 for each eligible child GBP grant
  • £ 3.6 billion for social security for carers and low-income people
  • £ 150 million for measures to tackle fuel poverty and energy efficiency
  • £ 711.6m in affordable housing and a new £ 55m program to support city centers
  • £ 32 million to promote equality and human rights, including measures to ensure this approach is anchored in government and across the public sector
  • £ 15 million to further support children and young people with additional support needs
  • Investments of more than £ 26 million in the important third sector
  • £ 81.6m for projects to help revitalize the community, city centers and 20 minute neighborhoods where people can meet their needs within a 20 minute walk from home
  • More than £ 12 million in support of the Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan, including specific measures to expand Housing First, end the use of community night shelters, improve legal protection for people suffering from domestic violence, and locate them alternative ways to reduce migrant homelessness.

Social Security Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “We put the fight against poverty at the heart of the budget. In two weeks’ time, we are launching our new groundbreaking Scottish Child Payment, backed by £ 68 million investment.

“In addition to mitigating the effects of UK government welfare cuts, we’re also helping carers, young people and low-income families through our range of new benefits. This year also begins the introduction of the first disability benefits as we continue to build a social security system based on dignity, respect and investment in our employees. “

Community Secretary Aileen Campbell said: “In addition to responding to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, this budget invests in actions to tackle deep-seated poverty and inequality, including nearly doubling our child poverty budget to £ 23.3 million.” This means we are fully committed to our £ 50 million commitment to the Child Poverty Fund and will continue to invest in actions including our Parental Employability Support Fund, Child Care Access Fund and the innovative Children’s Neighborhoods Scotland program “.

“Funding more affordable, greener housing is at the heart of the Scottish budget. It contributes to our net zero ambitions and helps ensure that everyone has a home that meets their needs.

“We will also invest over £ 26 million in local and national Third Sector infrastructure, supporting the capacity and growth of social enterprises, and ensuring that the Third Sector can help people and communities recover from the effects of the pandemic . “

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