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GOSHEN TOWNSHIP – A man from the Beloit area is charged with a crime following a weekend custody battle.

Tyler James Sweely, 25, 16080 W. Pine Lake Road, Beloit, is charged with grave burglary, a first degree felony, and grave threat offenses.

In response to a reported break-in at the apartment on Saturday at 10:10 p.m., officers found two women and a man, later identified as Sweely, yelling at each other in the driveway.

Sweely allegedly came into the residence armed with a baseball bat and smacked a glass door when he was told he could not take the children. Officers found the bat and a penknife in the back seat of a vehicle Sweely had used to drive to the house, and Sweely admitted having pulled the knife out when he saw a man from home walking towards him with a gun.

Sweely is also accused of threatening to cut her throat a neighbor, who responded to help when she heard the screaming.

Sweely and the two occupants of his vehicle were advised not to return to the property. He is due to be tried in the Sebring court on Thursday morning.

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