Dad Refuses To Pay For Daughter’s Candy 16 As a result of Her Mother Was Behind On Baby Assist

Many teen girls dream of having their own lavish sweet 16 parties in honor of their 16th birthday.

Unfortunately for one teenager about to celebrate her big day, her dreams of having her own party may be shattered due to conflict between her parents.

A man revealed that he will not be paying for his daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party because her mother is behind on child support payments.

Sharing his story on the subreddit thread, r/AmITheA–hole, the father explained his reasoning for not throwing his younger daughter a sweet 16 party as he did for his eldest daughter.

His older daughter, whom he shares with his wife, is 16 and celebrated her birthday with a lavish sweet 16 party.

His younger daughter, a 15-year-old, is the result of an affair with another woman so her upcoming birthday has a couple of obstacles.

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“I was unfaithful, but my wife agreed to forgive me,” the man wrote. He has full custody of his younger daughter who he and his wife have raised together as if they were their own.

Although her mother pays child support, the man claims that she often tries to “skip out” on her payments.

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After attending her older sister’s party, the man’s younger daughter would like to have a similar one for her own birthday.

However, expenses to throw another party are high and the girl’s mother is behind on her child support payments.

The man alerted his former mistress of this issue, prompting her to step up for her daughter’s sake.

“I told her that we are in a bit of a tight spot and can’t afford such a large party at the moment,” he wrote. “I technically can afford it, but her mother should have a part in the payment.”

The father believes that this is only fair since his wife paid for a chunk of their older daughter’s party. He feels his daughter’s mom should do the same.

However, his younger daughter’s mother does not see it that way.

“She thinks it’s unfair. She believes that I favor her elder sister and am punishing her for who her mother is,” he wrote.

The man added that his younger daughter has had other birthday parties thrown for her in the past, which her mother helped pay for.

Although he is refusing to throw her a 16th birthday party as he did for her sister until her mother agrees to contribute financially.

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Many Redditors slammed the man believing that his treatment of his youngest daughter was unfair.

Some believed that he was projecting his guilt and resentment toward his affair on the poor young girl.

“He’s not punishing her because mom is not paying child support, it’s because she was born in the first place. Every part of his post reads like he’s just mad he got caught and she’s the living reminder,” one user pointed out.

“OP [original poster] is like we can’t afford it. So like the 15-year-old didn’t just watch her older half-sister get a sweet 16? Like that didn’t happen?” another user noted.

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“That poor kid lost on the parent lottery. Mom won’t pay child support and dad wants to act like she isn’t there while claiming “We raised her like she was both of ours,” another user commented.

“He’s holding his child accountable for what HE did. What a prize,” another added.

We hope that this girl is able to have the birthday party of her dreams one way or another.

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