Davidson County mother pissed off after man accused of secretly peeping on her daughter launched from custody a number of occasions

DAVIDSON COUNTY, NC – A local mom talks about the man she says was secretly looking at her then 10-year-old daughter.

This comes just days after he was picked up by police in a separate case in Winston-Salem for further crimes of child exploitation and left on the street.

The mother in the secret case wonders why more was not done to keep him behind bars.

In this case, FOX8 withholds the names of the people in order not to hinder the process.

Back in September 2020, the Davidson County mother found an old phone from her ex-boyfriend.

What was on it was devastating. They were secretly hidden videos of her daughter between the ages of 10 and 12.

“Shock. As if I wouldn’t even believe what I saw. Scared to death,” the mother said to FOX8.

She passed this information on to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, which made an arrest in December and accused this man of clandestine peeping and indecent freedoms with a child. He was released on December 22nd, hours after he was bailed.

“Our problem came last week when I got a call saying there are additional charges for child exploitation,” the mother said.

Charges she did not find out about until her victim’s lawyer contacted her. They told her the defendant was charged in a separate Davidson County case on two other third-degree child exploitation cases.

He didn’t even spend a night in jail.

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“He was picked up, processed by the police, charged and then given a written arrest warrant. Basically, he was just released without bail, ”said the mother.

She talked on the phone all Monday trying to find out why an accused sex offender would take to the streets again.

She said there should be more laws to protect victims of child sexual abuse than those charged with the crime.

“There needs to be more information for the victims as far as the trial takes place. The most I had to do to find out what was wrong with this case was to register for an email to find out about legal proceedings. You know? That can’t be right, ”she said.

Under North Carolina state law, third-degree child exploitation is only a Class H crime – meaning no jail time is required. However, taking indecent liberties with a minor can be classified as a Class F crime, which can result in imprisonment.

Meanwhile, while the mother said the child was given an injunction, she wants lawmakers to come out on top on sex crimes against children.

In addition, she said her court date is being postponed again and again because the court system is secured due to the pandemic.

“I understand that you have to be careful about COVID because it’s serious, but there are people who hurt our babies. North Carolina is trying to say they will be harder on people with child crime. This does not prove to me as a tax player that they are going to exacerbate crime, ”she said.

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