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Marshall County Courthouse

property transfers


• Child Support Recovery Unit State of Iowa, Estate Recovery Program, IRS, Iowa Department of Revenue, State of Iowa, Marshall County Sheriff, Shanna Marie Martin, Lino Rivera Reyes, USA to Veriden Credit Union, 414 Jerome St.

• Ramon Chavarria and Naomi D. Vanauken to JBI Cooperative Association, 6 N. 11th St.

• CCM Revocable Trust, David Mattox Trustee to Russell Eugene and Shannon Leigh Tarvin, 607 Elmwood Drive

• The Estate of Mary M. Dop to Mary M. Dop Resid Trust, Melvin D. Dop Trustee, Michael Dop Trustee, Mindy Reynolds Trustee, 2129 140th St., Albion, 1303 Knapp Ave., Liscomb

• Dillon R Wonders to Kathryn R Kellogg, Kathryn K Wonders, 104 Raphine Circle, Rhodes

• Bethany and Chase Tanke to Jaeger Enterprises LLC, 704 Dearborn St., Liscomb; 395 First Ave., Ferguson; 203 E. Church St., Laurel

• Breeona M. Pazzi, Francisco Zambrano Corona to Timothy Sletten, 1213 W. Main St.

• Laura J. and Troy Sassen to Terry and Nancy Ridout, 2340 280th St., Haverhill

• David D. Schmidt to CAM 2022 LLC, 2507 Oaks Ave.

• Kent E. DeJong to Sarah C. DeJong, 1930 235th St.

• Juan Reyes to Trent J. Persino, Toni J. Richards, 3353 Underwood Ave., Gilman

• The Estate of Craig Edgar to Hay H. Htu and Youwei Jin, 507 W. Southridge Road

Marshalltown Police Department


• On Wednesday, a case of vandalism to property valued under $300 was reported at the 2500 block of South Center Street.

• On Wednesday, a case of fraud by forgery valued more than $1,500 and less than $10,000 was reported in the 200 block of North 15th Avenue.


• On Thursday, Nicole Scallon, 41, was arrested for operating while under the influence-first offense.

• On Wednesday, Alesha Johnson, 21, was arrested for abandonment of a dependent person.

• On Wednesday, Freddy Enriquez, 23, was arrested for child endangerment-substantial risk and domestic abuse assault-first offense causing bodily injury.

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