Dennis Rodman, Who Could not Pay $850,000 In Youngster Help, Had $100,000 Value Of Damages To His Restaurant

Dennis Rodman has never truly had a firm grasp over his finances ever since entering the spotlight in 1986. Getting drafted by the Detroit Pistons that year pulled the Texas native out of an impressive lifestyle that saw him get kicked out of his house by his own mother towards the latter end of his teenage years.

Despite his rookie salary ‘only’ being $75,000, it was enough to get the ball rolling for ‘The Worm’. He would soon establish himself as a key defender and rebounding presence on the Pistons and would snag himself contracts worth millions of dollars.

Along with his contracts came a few endorsements, most notably from Nike as they gave him his own shoe in the mid to late 1990s. However, despite the various avenues of income, Rodman simply couldn’t keep himself out of trouble when it came to his finances.

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Rodman’s restaurant caught fire, leading to $100,000 in damages

Dennis Rodman, while living in Newport Beach, once opened up a seafood restaurant near his place called Josh Scolum’s. As expected, he brought his own ‘Rodman-esque’ flair to it all but unfortunately for the 5x NBA champion, the restaurant didn’t do all too well.

In July of 2002, it was reported that the restaurant had set ablaze due to an unknown cause. According to the local fire department, an approximate of $100,000 in damages were incurred by Rodman. The restaurant manager would also go on to decline on commenting on the situation.

This fire would come mere 6 months after Dennis himself was arrested by the local police after they were refused entry into his restaurant in January of the same year.

Dennis Rodman was sued by his ex-wife for not paying child and spousal support

Rodman’s 3rdapprox wife, Michelle Moyer, took him to court upon their divorce to sue him for not having supported her financially. She requested a total of $850,000 in child and spousal support from the former All-Star.

Yet another example of Dennis not exactly managing his money well as his lawyer stated plain and simple that he did not have that kind of money to pay due to his poor money management skills.

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