DFL Chair ‘Disenchanted’ With Rep. John Thompson After Racial Profiling Accusation – WCCO

MINNESOTA (WCCO) – DFL party leader Ken Martin released a statement on Sunday evening expressing disappointment over MP John Thompson’s allegation of racist profiling a police officer for having issued it at a recent traffic stop.

“Nobody is above the law, including our elected officials,” said Martin. “We expect all of our elected officials, regardless of party, not only to obey the law, but also to adhere to the highest standards. Like it or not, their words, actions and behavior are questioned by the public. Therefore, it is important for people in positions of power and influence to model the behavior that we expect from everyone. Rep. John Thompson has not achieved this standard and I am disappointed with his recent actions. “

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A St. Paul police officer stopped Johnson, DFL-St. Paul, near the intersection of Seventh Street East and Wacouta Street on the early morning of July 4th. According to police, the reason for the stop was because Johnson’s car did not have a front license plate.

According to police records, Thompson identified himself as the state lawmaker and presented a Wisconsin driver’s license. He was then tried for driving with his license revoked. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Thompson’s license was revoked by Ramsey County Child Support on April 21, 2019.

According to records, Thompson does not hold a Minnesota driver’s license and has never received a Minnesota-issued driver’s license, but you can take action on your driver’s license in Minnesota even if you do not have a valid driver’s license and a driver’s license may be suspended for child support. His license was restored on Wednesday after addressing child support issues.

Thompson responded to the ticket by accusing the officer of racially profiling him, but the sergeant reiterated that the stop was because of the missing front license plate required by state law.

Two days after he was quoted, Thompson spoke at an event marking the five-year anniversary of Philando Castile’s death. When he spoke, he alluded to the weekend incident, saying that he was racially profiled and stopped for doing “Drive While Black”.

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In response, St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell said on a social media post that he checked the body-worn camera footage of the stop and spoke to the officer. He concluded that the stop had “absolutely nothing to do with the driver’s race”.

“Simply put, the traffic control was according to the books,” said Axtell on Friday. “I am dismayed and disappointed by the state representative’s reaction to the stop. Instead of taking responsibility for his own decisions and actions, he tried to distract, spread slander and deny any wrongdoing. “

WCCO requested the stop’s body camera and dash camera video, but St. Paul police cited Minnesota law keeping it private until the case is resolved.

Thompson declined the WCCO’s request for an interview on Friday. However, he told St. Paul Pioneer Press that he was unaware that his license had been revoked. He also told the newspaper that he kept his driver’s license in Wisconsin and not switched to one in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, GOP MP Eric Lucero announced that he was filing a formal ethics complaint against Thompson Monday morning over a June 29 incident. Lucero said Thompson “falsely and maliciously” indicated that Lucero was a racist in the house because the body was discussing a collection package related to higher education at a special session at the Capitol.

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Thompson, who is serving his first term in the Minnesota Legislature, was a strong advocate of changing Minnesota policing laws to increase accountability. He and other DFL lawmakers supported several proposals, including one aimed at “temporary stops” by restricting traffic stops for certain minor equipment violations such as expired permits or missing windshield wipers.

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