Remote Mediation A Convenient Solution for Divorcing Couples

It is not easy to go through divorce. But technology has made it easier than ever. Remote Denver divorce mediation is a great option for couples that live in different places, who have conflicts with their schedules or simply can’t bear being together at the same time. It allows you to get a mutually beneficial, uncontested divorce. This is what you should know.

Remote divorce mediation: What does it mean?

We’ve witnessed companies offer their services remotely over the last two years in almost every industry. Divorce mediation is not an exception. You can have your divorce mediation meeting with your ex-spouse from your home if you own a computer and an Internet connection. You don’t have to travel far to get to mediation appointments. The mediator will help you and your soon to be ex-spouse dissolve your marriage fast and efficiently, while causing as little stress and inconvenience as possible.

What is the secret to it?

A mediator will be available to meet with the spouse living further away. They can also connect online with their attorney-mediator. Your mediator will explain the details of your divorce settlement to you using screen-sharing technology and videoconferencing. As if you were there simultaneously, all financial transactions will appear on your screen.

No matter where the spouse lives, the laws in the state that the appointment was made will govern the divorce. If you use a Denver mediator to help with your divorce, but reside in another state than Colorado, Colorado’s state laws for divorce will apply.

The same process is used for remote mediation.

Why remote divorce mediation?

It can be difficult enough to go through divorce without worrying about juggling conflicting schedules and driving long distances for mediation. Remote mediation is a great option for couples who live or work out of state. It can speed up the process and allow you to focus on your spouse, without the need to adjust the schedule. Remote sessions can also be an option for couples divorcing who want to stay in their own locations and work out details.

Technology has made it possible to remotely facilitate divorce mediation. Remote divorce mediation may be an option.

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