Divorce for these 40+ – Winchester, MA Hub ~ No-Price Webinar

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Join our team of verified professionals to learn how to cope with the mid-life divorce process. Do you feel like the sandwich generation who cares for young children and aging parents at the same time? Did you later have children after starting your career? Do you have teenagers at home or a blended family from a second marriage? We understand that with any change in life with its unique circumstances, divorce is challenging.

Divorce can cause stress and uncertainty for everyone involved; However, divorce and middle age have different considerations and require a slightly different plan. We’ll have law, finance, mortgage, real estate, parenting, and coaching experts to help you prepare. This event could be the catalyst to get out of whack in the middle of life.

The main topics covered include:

  • Legal strategies, factors and considerations including child support, child support, tuition fees, etc.
  • Financial issues such as QDROS, pensions, social security, etc.
  • Real estate and mortgage options and strategies, including home buying, mortgage readiness, and financing.
  • Emotional strategies for managing changes in family dynamics, co-parenting, and communication.

You have the opportunity to answer your questions in advance when registering and / or at the LIVE meeting of our Lexington and Winchester, MA Hub.

If you are interested in participating and would like to protect your privacy, we have set it up so that you can participate in confidence. When you attend the webinar, your camera is turned off. You can also just use your first name for the name display and the only people who will see your name will be the Vesta Professionals.

There is no fee for participation. However, pre-registration is required at

We will send the zoom link to the participants by email before the online event.

To register for this event with us directly instead of through Eventbrite, please email us or call 1-877-355-7649.

To find out more about Vesta’s other informative and social events, visit us at or visit us at

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