Drake Bell taken into custody, charged with little one endangerment

Drake Bell taken into custody on child endangerment charges

Famed actor and singer Drake Bell was charged Friday with attempted child harm after he was arrested in Ohio.

The former child star pleaded not guilty on Thursday to the allegations of attempting to endanger a child and the dissemination of content that is harmful to minors in the region.

WJW reported that allegations against the former Nickelodeon star are linked to his December 2017 internet chats with a minor in which his messages were “sexual in nature”.

In addition, it was revealed that Cuyahoga County Prosecutors said the 15-year-old alleged victim filed a complaint with her local police department in Canada in October 2018, a year after the Cleveland incident.

The outlet also alleged that Cleveland police were investigating the matter after being notified by Canadian authorities.

The investigation found that Bell and the alleged victim had been dating a year earlier, after which she attended a concert by the actor in Cleveland in December 2017.

According to the report at the concert “[Drake] Bell violated its duty of care and thus created a danger for the victim. “

In addition, the investigation found that Bell allegedly sent inappropriate messages to the victim in the months leading up to the concert.

Bell was charged in Cuyahoga County Court but is now free on $ 2,500 personal bail. He agreed not to maintain contact with the alleged victim.

Actors Drake and Josh were given custody on May 21, following a charge.

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