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Jamie (played by Alexander Lincoln) was presumed dead when the faked his death last year on Emmerdale, with no one realizing he had moved in with Andrea Tate’s (Anna Nightingale) mother. After getting custody of Millie Tate (Willow Bell) following his late wife’s death, the character went missing again and has only been mentioned in terms of an off-screen presence when Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) thought he had returned a couple of months ago on the ITV soap. However, when their son Thomas Tate (Bertie Brotherton) ends up injured in next week’s episodes, it could be his father will return to take him away.

The drama begins with Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who has been looking after Thomas as his babysitter when Gabby has been busy.

After the events of last week which saw her talk to Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) about a boy she was seeing, her uncle Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) gets the tip-off about his niece’s romance.

Wanting to make sure she has found herself a nice gentleman, Dan quizzes his niece and she is left horrified by his inquisition.

Little does anyone know, the person Amelia was referring to was Noah Dingle (Jack Downham), who is currently serving time in prison on stalking charges.

Following yet another visit to see the young Dingle man, the young woman is in high spirits but this soon changes when her vision starts to blur.

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Viewers of the show know Amelia has been drinking weight-gaining syrup recently in the hope she could improve her figure as she felt uncomfortable.

Although she thinks she is alright, things take a worrying turn she agrees to babysit for Gabby whilst she goes out.

It doesn’t take long for the young girl to become dizzy and she begins to feel nauseous as a result of all the supplements she has been taking.

With Thomas in her arms, Amelia makes a big mistake as she ends up dropping him from quite the height and she has to pick him up from the floor.

As the baby cries out, Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) turns up at Home Farm, leaving Amelia deeply concerned that she will be accused of hurting him.

Amelia agrees to get checked over as her uncle fights back tears after hearing how his niece has been subjected to social pressures.

However, Gabby also has some things to deal with as she worries she will get a call from the social services about her son’s accident.

The mother of one is furious with her friend for letting harm come to her son but it seems the decision of custody could be taken out of her hands.

When the social services arrive at the hospital to assess the situation, they could explain to Gabby they have someone to take care of Thomas.

Heartbroken her son is being taken away from her, it wouldn’t cross Gabby’s mind the person would be Kim’s supposedly dead child.

Gabby and Kim could be rocked to the core when the social services explain Jamie is ready to take custody of his son for the foreseeable.

With Thomas still in the hospital, Jamie could walk back in as if nothing had happened, despite the fact many thought he was dead.

The mother of his child would fight tooth and nail to secure she could keep Thomas but his influence could be too powerful to overcome.

Wanting to make Gabby’s life a misery, Jamie could stay in the village and make it torture for her to see Thomas every day.

Will the mother of one enact her own revenge against the man who left her holding the baby?

The actress who plays Gabby, Rosie, has spoken about what a possible reunion for her character and Jamie could mean in the future.

Asked if a comeback was on the table, Rosie explained to “I’d hope so. I’d love to see Alex back. We know he’s alive.

“He’s not even back and he’s caused drama just with his name, so we’ll see what happens.

“Gabby’s been very grounded at Home Farm and very secure. It’s hard being a single mother on her own,” she explained so could Jamie being on the scene be more of a help than a hindrance?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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