Former Benton Co. pastor in custody on a number of rape expenses

BENTON CO., Tenn. – A Benton County pastor is charged with multiple rapes and more.

Josh Henley, a former pastor of the Church of Christ in Holladay Tennessee and a volunteer assistant basketball coach at Holladay School, faces triple legal rape by a person of authority and a charge of serious sexual harassment.

Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher says Henley has a rape list of young girls ages 14-16.

The sheriff says he started caring for some of them when he was 12.

“We opened the investigation as soon as we received information from one of these girls. She spoke to a friend of hers and then took it back to her parents and we were contacted, ”Sheriff Christopher explained.

Henley currently resides in Evansville, Indiana, where he served as a pastor and youth leader.

Sheriff Christopher says several young women have contacted us, not just in Benton County but in other areas as well.

“We knew from the information we received that it was going to be expanded to several states, and then we got the federal agencies involved,” said Christopher.

Authorities say at least three victims have been confirmed in Benton County and other victims in other states such as Indiana, Oklahoma and possibly Texas.

Sheriff Christopher says the Holladay Ward didn’t find anything disturbing about Henley, and that’s a shock.

“Everyone who knows him seems to find him very credible. As far as we can tell, it is a shock to everyone that he is married, his wife has a young child and I think she is six months pregnant, ”said Christopher.

Sheriff Christopher says there are more charges against Henley and he is currently in custody on a million dollar loan.

If anyone has information about this investigation, call the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

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