Former Harmony trainer, Andrew Cowells, taken into custody

The former Concord High School teacher, allegedly suspected of inappropriate behavior towards students and possession of child pornography, has been taken into custody. He surrendered on Tuesday.

Cowell’s arrest warrant was issued on Monday.

Cowells has been charged with vicarious sexual gratification, double charges of child solicitation, ten times possession of child pornography, double voyeurism, double assault and harassment.

Some of the allegations against Cowells are listed in the probable cause affidavit. Claims by students about the events of Sept.

  • A 15-year-old male victim said on May 5, 2021 that Cowells spoke about sexual issues and tried to trick the victim into touching his own private space while standing on a chair in the classroom. Cowells stated aloud that he was excited during the discussion.
  • A second 15-year-old male victim told investigators that the classroom door was closed when he arrived that morning. He said Cowells talked about sexual matters and sat on a girl’s desk. Cowells told the victim to stand up so Cowells could “drag” him. When the victim refused, two girls in the class stood up and rubbed each other while Cowells clapped.
  • A third 15-year-old victim said May 5 that he was in the boys’ bathroom when Cowells walked in with several students. Cowells pulled the victim’s pants down in front of everyone and asked the victim to use the toilet next to him. Victim 4 then came to the toilet and went to a cubicle. Watching him urinate, Cowells grabbed the victim’s bum and grabbed victim 3’s hands to get him to touch victim 4’s bum.
  • A fourth victim, who is 16 years old, told investigators that Cowells touched his legs and butt and tried to watch him urinate.
  • Several students told police that Cowells texted the fifth victim, who is 15 years old, a text message that Cowells was aroused by the victim for liking girls, and then showed the text to the class.
  • Victim 6, who is 16 years old, said that morning that Cowells made sexual comments that made him uncomfortable. He said Cowells tried to look over the cabin wall so he could see the victim going to the bathroom.
  • Victim 7, 16 years old, said that morning that Cowells told sexual jokes and asked if anyone had the courage to let him touch them. Then he mocked the class for a volunteer. When the victim stood up, Cowells touched the victim’s body from shoulder to bum.

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