Former spouse of Imran Khan shares image of his deserted love little one, deletes it later

On Sunday, Jemima Goldsmith, ex-wife of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan, posted a picture of Tyrian White – Khan’s love child on Twitter on account of father’s day. Captioned ‘Happy Father Figure’s Day’ Goldsmith shared a picture of 30-year-old White with her brother Ben Goldsmith, which attracted a massive response on the social micro-blogging site.

Picture posted by Jemima Goldsmith on Twitter on June 19, 2022

It is known that Jemima Goldsmith, the British Screenwriter and producer who parted ways with Imran Khan in 2004, has become a mother to Tyrian White, who was born to Khan in June 1992. White was born to Imran Khan out of wedlock with Sita White , daughter of a British industrialist. The two were in a relationship in the 90s for two years.

When allegations of Imran Khan secretly fathering an ‘illegitimate’ child surfaced in Pakistan during the 2018 National Assembly elections in Pakistan, he refused the same over concerns that it would affect his candidature as the Prime Minister. However, the story dates back to 1997, when Khan publically refused that he has a love child, while categorically denying to claim the paternity of Tyrian White.

Sita White claimed that the #ImranKhan was the father of her daughter, Tyrian.
Imran denied as usual!

1997, a LA court ruled that the four-year-old Tyrian White was indeed the biological daughter of Imran Khan.
And he accepted that#MannKiBaat#PakistanTayarHai or ek juth ke liye!

— Anit Ghosh (@Indianit07) February 24, 2019

Imran Khan wished for a baby boy; was disappointed when a baby girl was born and refused to acknowledge her as his child

Sita White dragged Khan to the court with her attorney Gloria Alfred confirming that she was in a relationship with Imran Khan during 1987-88. In 1991, Sita White apparently asked Imran Khan if she wanted to have his child but did not ask for child support. While White kept expecting that one day Khan would embrace their daughter as his child, she noted that during her pregnancy he hoped that it was a boy.

According to Alfred, Khan was disappointed at the time of Tyrian White’s birth and expressed that the child would ‘not be able to play cricket’. He also urged White to have an abortion, to which she refused. Since Tyrian’s birth, Khan did not see her even after being on speaking terms with her mother, Sita White.

After a paternity suit was filed by her against Imran Khan who refused to acknowledge Tyrian as his child, the court ruled that he was the legal father of the then four-year-old girl. Khan’s refusal to accept Tyrian white as his illegitimate daughter could have come from his new relationship with Jemima Goldsmith. In a dramatic move, the world came to know the details about Tyrian White, days after Imran Khan married Goldsmith in Paris.

Imran KhanNewspaper clipping of ‘British daily News of the World’ revealing the first picture of Tyrian White

The courtroom saga that ended with the judge declaring Imran Khan as the child’s father required him to meet Tyrian upon the adamancy of Sita White. The father-daughter duo finally met each other in 1998, according to Daily Mail. However, the story now took a different turn.

It was now for Jemima Goldsmith and Sita White to spend time with each other and the two developed a cordial relationship. In 2004, White discovered she had cancer and died of an embolism in May of the same year. When the question arose as to who would take care of eleven-year-old Tyrian, Sita White appointed Goldsmith as her ‘sole guardian’.

Since then, it has been Jemima Goldsmith who has raised Tyrian White along with her two sons – Sulaiman and Kasim. White was raised in California and often visited her stepmother Jemima in Oxfordshire, UK. The Daily Mail reported that in 2018, Jemima and Tyrian went out with Sulaiman, Kasim and her brother Ben (With whom Jemima Goldsmith has shared a picture of Tyrian White) at a Bollywood-themed party in Mayfair.

Jemima Goldsmith has quite often shared pictures with White and has always treated her as a daughter at par with her sons. It was also in 2004 that Goldsmith parted ways with Imran Khan over a divorce. However, she continued to raise Sulaiman, Kasim and Tyrian White, and they live as a cohesive family unit.

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