Fortunate Daye Known as Out On-line Following Controversial BBL Tweet

R&B star Lucky Daye recently caught the wrath of Twitter after users felt that one of his statements was a bit too cheeky for their liking.

It all went down shortly after the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs) wrapped. During the early hours of Monday, Nov. 21, Lucky made an odd proclamation on social media relating to Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) and Apple AirTags.

“If I get you a BBL I’m putting an AirTag in it,” he tweeted.

If I get you a BBL I’m putting an AirTag in it

— Lucky Daye (@iamluckydaye) November 21, 2022

Twitter Has A Field Day With Lucky Daye

This late-night tweet soon caught a ton of attention and backlash, and users weren’t afraid to get gutter with their criticism.

A plethora of individuals specifically bashed Lucky Daye as a “deadbeat dad.” This critique is rooted in comments made by the mother of his daughter, who also accused him of not paying child support.

could put an AirTag on your kid’s bookbags but you’d have to actually see them, so…

— malcoholic (@lepetitereboot) November 21, 2022

Lucky Daye please.

— 👟 (@dirtywhiteups) November 21, 2022

Lucky Daye made a lil jokey joke and the internet told him to go be a father 💀 because exactly!

— Mother Mysa (@Brieyonce) November 22, 2022

You payin for a bbl but wont pay for ur kid?

— 🦂 (@alvnna_) November 22, 2022

Lucky Daye breathe*



— lil miss niggas (@MiintCondition) November 21, 2022


— TheeHarlot™ (@KHipHopWorld) November 22, 2022

On top of calling him a deadbeat, people also went about reminding the 37-year-old singer of his age.

Finding out Lucky Daye is a 37 year old man who doesn’t pay child support was not on my bingo card today

— Ny🧡 (@nymoney__) November 22, 2022

had to double check with Siri

— Miles Morales (@NewtonAvogadro) November 22, 2022

Finding out that Lucky Daye is a fingertip away from 40 is insane

— M.𓅓 (@yxng_mu) November 22, 2022

Not only did I find out today that Lucky Daye is 37 years old but he’s also a deadbeat dad? C’mon man, what is the reason? What do you mean you gotta do nothing so your kid doesn’t end up spoiled? That’s wack AF. I wish his 12 y/o daughter STRENGTH because wth is wrong w him?

— 🔑 🔑 (@DWNinthecut) November 21, 2022

Not missing the opportunity, some declared that the backlash signaled it was the singer’s “unlucky daye.”

They cooking you brother…guess you can say it was your unlucky daye

— Shooter McGavin (Cowboyz 14-3) (@black_virginian) November 22, 2022

I guess today ain’t his lucky daye cause they eating you up in the quotes 😩😭

— Liz (@itsonlylizx3) November 21, 2022

Streets saying you’re a deadbeat father, Unlucky Daye for you 🤭

— 👽 (@CREOLEBASKIIN) November 21, 2022

Finally, people threw in a revelation that Ne-Yo made about Lucky Daye earlier this year on FAQ Podcast.

Specifically, the “Closer” singer revealed that he was interested in signing Lucky a while back. However, after Ne-Yo caught Lucky in his bed with a woman, the deal was off the table.

So, with Lucky Daye already in the hot seat, participants just had to throw this in his face.

Like how horny to do have to be at ruining your chance of getting signed by breaking ONE very easy rule????

— corrie is sleepy 💤 (@ANGELBABYABEL) November 22, 2022

Users ultimately came out of the situation learning quite a bit more about the singer, as well as Twitter accountability.

The QT’s just taught me way more than i ever about this nigga:
1.) he a deadbeat & don’t post child support
2.) he almost 40
3.) Neyo kicked him out of his house for fucking in his bed

— kris 💸 (@NedraKristina) November 22, 2022

Lucky Daye got a kid?? & he don’t take care of it???

— ASHIRA (@tashiraapril) November 21, 2022

One thing about Twitter is you will be held accountable 😭

— not the one✨ (@extrahotsaucex) November 22, 2022

Despite all the backlash Lucky received, he didn’t respond to any tweets and just kept it moving.

In fact, he appears to still be focused on his recent appearance at the AMAs.

Thank YOU @iamluckydaye 💜

— American Music Awards (@AMAs) November 22, 2022

What are your thoughts on the BBL AirTag tweet, and do you think Lucky Daye deserved the backlash he received?

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