Gamers’ Ring: Watch A Native ‘Christmas Carol’ From The Consolation Of Your Personal Dwelling

Enjoy your favorite scenes and characters as you rediscover the captivating language and ironic commentary of Dickens’ classic tale!

We know nothing beats the excitement of a live performance.

It’s what we love most and what we do best on the ring.

And yet … special times require special measures!

This one-man version focuses on the text of the novella and makes your heart beat faster again.

This production – our 26th production of “A Christmas Carol” in a row (believe it?) – cannot be performed in front of a live audience for obvious reasons.

And yet, we wholeheartedly hope that you will decide to sit back at home with a mug of hot chocolate or a bag of butter popcorn and allow Christopher Savage to take you on a fascinating journey through this story, as Dickens himself did during its Journey to New England in 1867.

Your support is really the most precious gift.

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