Greenup County Lawyer cracking down on little one help circumstances

Jan 20—GREENUP — Less than a month into the job, the new Greenup County Attorney is taking a hard stance against those who have failed to make their child support payments.

Matthew Warnock announced Friday a new program from his office called Kids First Initiative, which will “collect delinquent child support that has fallen through the cracks.”

Citing the lack of prosecution of child support cases for more than four years, Warnock stated in a press release that 10 cases were selected and brought before a grand jury this month.

Court records show the child support arrearages — meaning how much they were behind — amounted to between $9,000 and $55,000.

The average delinquent account owed just a little more than $30,000 in child support.

“We hope this aggressive child support collection will encourage other parents to bring their delinquent balances current so the children of Greenup County can have the shelter, food and clothing they deserve,” Warnock wrote in a press release.

Anyone needing help collecting child support or looking to make payments can contact the Greenup County Child Support Office at (606) 473-1734.

The following people all indicted on a sole count of flagrant non-support, a class D felony punishable with between one and five years in prison:

—Rachel E. Castle, 35, of Greenup

—Billy Jordan, 40, of Grayson

—Tyler Brant, 27, of Sunbury, Ohio

—Ricky L. Collins, 47, of Ashland

—Frank L. Robinson, Jr., 45, of Newark, Ohio

—Christopher A. Russell, 46, of Ironton

—Fredrick D. Dean, 47, of Huntington

—Joshua May, 46, of Raceland

—Nena Shaban, 37, of Flatwoods

—Stephanie Nuckols, 42, of Wheelersburg

(606) 326-2653 — [email protected]

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