Gun discovered inside locker at Northland center faculty, teen in custody

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) – Law enforcement stated Friday that a 13-year-old has been taken into custody after a handgun was found in a locker.

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office stated Lakeview Middle School was placed on a hold just before 10:30 am due to the incident, and it lasted about 30 minutes.

“We want all the parents to know that the school is safe,” said Platte County Sheriff Erik Holland. “There’s no reason to keep students away from the school. There’s always a law enforcement presence during pickup and drop off.”

The middle school is in the Park Hill School District.

“Currently there is no threat to the school or any students or staff,” Sheriff Mark Owen stated in a release. “The safety of our schools is a top priority for both the Platte County Sheriff’s Office and the Park Hill School District. We have a strong working relationship with the Park Hill School District to help protect our schools, the students, and the staff. The good work performed by the staff of the Park Hill School District and our School Resource Officers is what allows us to keep our kids safe.”

No injuries were reported.

“We are very grateful that this was resolved without any kind of injury or incident involving threat of life or safety to individuals,” said Holland. “Obviously, anytime you have a weapon at a school there’s always a potential for things to work out much worse than they did today.”

Kristine Muck, a parent of a student at Lakeview Middle School, said she came and picked up her child from school following the incident.

“I worry about this daily because of the society we live in today,” Muck said. “And one of my worst fears just came true.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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