Hague Conference: Mum’s frustration at delay of Authorities’s abroad little one assist dedication

Sian, who asked not to share her last name, is tired of waiting for the government to keep its promise.

“I’m just very disappointed. I had withheld the very tedious process of applying through the courts because it was supposed to go into effect,” she told Newshub.

“If I had started the process back then, I might have ended up somewhere. I haven’t had any maintenance for years. It’s just very, very disappointing.”

The selection board’s report notes that there is currently no way to compel parents to pay child support if they live outside Australia or New Zealand without obtaining a court order in their country of residence.

“This can be difficult and expensive for New Zealand carers and their children seeking child support.”

Ratification of the Hague Convention would allow New Zealand to obtain assistance from other member countries to locate liable parents and send them for collection, the report said.

It concludes: “We believe this will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of New Zealand children and help them receive child child support payments to which their caregiver is entitled, regardless of where their parents live.”

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