Hawkins Police Blotter: Lady makes use of handgun to guard kids, push back house intruder | Information

CHURCH HILL – A Hawkins County woman told police Monday that she held off an intruder with her pistol and protected herself and two young children from a man who tried to push through her door.

The incident occurred shortly after 8 p.m. Monday at a residence on Smith Chapel Road in the Goshen Valley parish south of Church Hill.

The 22-year-old woman told HCSO deputy Mike Allen that she saw a white man run up her driveway onto her porch.

She reportedly opened her door, gun in hand, and asked the man she did not recognize to leave her property.

“He tried to slide in the door and told her he was looking for a man who drives a red car and he knew he was there,” Allen explained in his report. “She was alone with her two young children. She showed him the gun again and told him she would shoot him. “

The potential intruder then allegedly ran down the driveway, got into a dark Toyota Camry, and drove off toward Goshen Valley Road.

The man has been described as a white man, about 6 feet tall, 185 pounds with dark hair, an unkempt beard, and a black hoodie and blue jeans. Anyone with information on this person is encouraged to contact the HCSO at (423) 272-4848.

Charged with child molestation against a friend’s son

Donovan Wayne Sharp, 33, 4399 Carters Valley Road, Church Hill, was arrested on November 27th and charged with child abuse, domestic violence and resisting arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and her 10-year-old son.

The incident allegedly happened while the boy was playing with his older brother and walking in the living room. According to a report by HCSO deputy Mike Allen, Sharp grabbed the boy by the ankles and pushed his legs apart and up to his chin.

When the mother called 911, Sharp allegedly pushed her away from the phone with both hands. Allen is said to have observed red spots on the boy’s and mother’s chest. Sharp reportedly refused to comply when he was arrested and had to be verbally abused.

Homeless woman finds truck with keys in it

Deborah Ann Lowe, 48, of Whitesburg, was arrested on November 13 and charged with over $ 1,000 theft, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia after being found parked in the driveway of an apartment building on Melinda Ferry Road in 1995 should be Chevy Blazer.

Lowe’s reportedly HCSO Sgt. Stacy Vaughan and Deputy Daniel DesOrmeaux were homeless and dumped in Mooresburg. After a few days she found the blazer with the key sin and took it. A search of the vehicle revealed that she owned a pipe and 2 grams of marijuana.

Her passenger Alan Dale Myers, 51, also from Whitesburg, was also charged with over $ 1,000 theft and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as a pending arrest warrant for child support.

DUI hit and ran to Mel’s diner

Lisa Gail Turnmire, 47, 111 Knights 1 Road, Rogersville, was arrested on November 16 and charged with DUI. She left the scene of the accident in breach of the silent consent law after allegedly escaping a fender felon at Mel’s dinner in Rogersville.

A witness reportedly told HCSO Cpl. Eric Pease that a silver Ford SUV pulled into the parking lot of Mel’s Diner on RT. 66 in Rogersville, but the driver never got out of the vehicle. When the SUV pulled away, it hit the victim’s vehicle on the right side and caused damage.

Pease stopped the suspicious vehicle at 111 Knights 1 Road and watched the driver Turnmire become restless, smell of alcohol, and have bloodshot eyes. After turning poorly on field sobriety tests, Turnmire was arrested and refused to have a blood or breath test.

Shotgun death threats on Whitaker Road

Caleb Andres Byrd, 23, 173 Whitaker Road, Bulls Gap, was arrested on November 17 and charged with serious criminal offenses, illegal possession of a gun and driver’s license after MPs responded to a report by a man with a shotgun who committed the death had threats at a neighbor’s apartment on Whitaker Road.

Until HCSO Cpl. Mark Harrell had arrived. Byrd had reportedly headed for Morristown in a small black Toyota. Pease and Detective Ken Sturgill intercepted Byrd at Rt’s Whitaker Road junction. 113 where a traffic disruption was carried out.

A black 12-gauge shotgun and four grenades were in the vehicle. His driver’s license has been revoked due to previous ruthless driving convictions in Hamblen County. MEPs arrested Byrd based on testimony and video from the Whitaker Road incident.

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