Help for Utah mothers coping with loss on Mom’s Day

SALT LAKE CITY – For many Utah women, Mother’s Day isn’t a day to celebrate, but rather a reminder of infertility or the loss of children. However, there are ways to help those dealing with grief make it through the vacation weekend.

One way to help women in struggle is to give them patience and grace.

Elisa Pierce of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute says even if a woman miscarried or lost a child after giving birth, they are still mothers and it’s important to recognize that.

“I think it’s important to honor the fact that you wore something no matter how you feel about it, to honor the fact that you are a mother and that you are ready to be a mother, and sometimes it works just not the way we want, ”said Pierce.

Experts say it is also important to acknowledge the loss of a child and allow women to share their feelings and experiences.

“I think it is important to allow these women to tell their story and to encourage women to speak up as soon as they are ready to say, ‘Yes, I am pregnant. ‘or “I had a pregnancy loss and this is a really, really difficult day for me,” Pierce said.

According to Pierce, if someone is dealing with the loss of a child, there are many support groups you can reach out to in Utah. Many other groups help with infertility, child loss, and postpartum depression.

The following is a list of resources to learn more about how to connect to some of these groups:

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